Deployments are over and done and while I'm tied to the lease out of state until the end of March, hubby is flying up to see me in a few days and we will officially be trying for baby #3. I told him I wanted to wait until we bought our house but it's only a month and a few days difference and he's just SO persuasive.

I must be crazy. It was a hard road to have our daughter but the fact we HAD her, takes the pressure off. I'm not in a rush for this baby and I won't be heartbroken with every negative test. In fact, I think I'll enjoy this process a lot more because I now know that I am fertile.. when my body decides to be. Having children is no longer an impossibility. Number 2 took 5 years- number 3 can take just as long, I'm just happy to be rid of the damn silicone diaphragm!

Anyway. Happy Valentine's Day ladies and gents! Enjoy your holiday.