My Hitachi crapped out so I found myself stuck. What would I do without the only vibrator that could completely numb me from the waist down?

Funnily enough, while shopping for Laundry soap and herbs to help boost my breastmilk supply I came across the Human Touch Acuvibe Mini Vibrator that was perhaps, the best price I've ever seen it. Was I really going to buy a sex toy off of the website whose sister site is the one I buy my diapers off of? Yep!

It's a great little vibe that lights up while it charges (a/c adapter- no batteries required) and it has enough power to get me over the edge. It's not as 'oomphy' (if that's not a word it is now) as my Hitachi but it'll do for right now.

This isn't a review, it's my new Mommy instinct to hunt for the best deals getting the best of me. The cool thing about is that they have the Vibratex Thundercloud for $79 (I've seen these for $140 everywhere else)--- (To make these prices even sweeter, use "promocode" for an additional 15% off). I'm just really excited about deals for powerful little toys. Oh, and Soap always has deals on condoms.... not like we'll really need them since it took us 5 years to get pregnant- I'm not exactly a fertile Myrtle- but I should do my best to promote safe sex since my world revolves around it.

Anyway, I'm alive and I'm gradually getting myself back into the world of toys. Yay.