My daughter was born December 20th and we were lucky enough for my husband to be there! I was scheduled for an induction but went in at 5 cm and already contracting, basically already in labor. If we hadn't gone in that morning I would have ended up there eventually that day.

It was the perfect delivery- quick (4 hrs total!), easy (15 minutes of pushing!), but not pain-free. I got my spinal just a few moments before I started pushing so it hadn't really had a chance to take effect. But it was amazing none-the-less and every day since, I have been completely consumed with my baby girl.

I'm 6 weeks postpartum and my husband is far away, thanks military! So I've yet to "hop on the horse" again. I'm a little anxious to start having sex again- I'm petrified I'm not going to feel the same and I need to be able to push those negative thoughts out of my head. After all, I was a Kegel Queen for a while, I just need to start using those awesome tools again like my Kegelcisor or my Luna Balls- I'm just a little reluctant to, after pushing a big ole baby out I'm nervous at putting an iddy biddy implement in- how silly am I?

But my beautiful little girl came into this world on a snowy day with both my husband and I there to welcome her with arms that had been waiting to hold her for 5 years- all 7 lbs 6.2 oz and 19 1/4 inches of her.

I've debated posting pictures but I love my family and respect their privacy too much to involve them so personally here in my little corner of the web. I'm sorry I can't share :( but I thank you all for respecting their privacy too.

Oh, and I have about 2 dozen or so reviews to do- I should have time soon once I get this baby on a schedule so keep an eye out. I just want to thank everyone for their patience, I have felt like the biggest flake for the past year.