I've been trying to avoid my blog.

Clearly I'm not doing a good enough job because here I am.

Why have I tried to avoid my blog and everything associated with it? Well, I have a bit of news. Now, I'm not really a loud mouth but I can't keep a secret to save my life. This secret is something I do NOT want to jinx.

Any ideas? I don't know if I'm ready to reveal it, I still want to wait another month, just to be safe and sure that I'll have a secret worth sharing.

But it's a secret that's fairly easy to figure out if you know me. So hopefully either I can avoid my blog again completely for 4 more weeks (and I hope not because I
miss it!) or I can find a way to work on my blog writing reviews, doing all the things that haven't been done for 6 months (omg, has it really been that long?!) without spilling the beans.

We'll see!