No, sadly after 2 awesome posts (I'm so full of shit, aren't I?) I should continue the sex themed streak but I'm so excited.

See, I consider myself a fairly good person. Yet, I'm very set in my ways- I like organization, I like a tidy house, and I hate cat hair and messes. But our male black cat has been so lonely, he mopes around the house and doesn't seem all too interested in sitting on the Liberator Zeppelin Cocoon by my computer desk when I'm in the office anymore. He's just not himself. So we decided maybe it's time to get him a companion.

Now, I had planned on getting an adult cat. Adult cats are put to sleep much faster than kittens but all the shelters in our areas are "no kill" shelters and adopt out for around $100. They guarantee their cats are going to get good homes. That's great and I'm sure my adoption would mean a lot but I need to do more because these cats would eventually find homes because they have time to.

So I ended up on Craigslist and following a post titled, "All these animals will be euthanized on Tues. November 17th." I looked at the photos listed and low and behold these sweet little kittens were posted among the many sad dogs, and very scared adult cats, and the dozens of other kittens that needed a home. All these animals that don't have ANY time, just a few days and then it's all over.

I was all set to drive the 5 hours (10 hr round trip) to this shelter until I saw how bad this Northeaster we are having was. Trees are downed everywhere, power is out all over the state, and the roads are either flooded or there is debris and major traffic jams following suit. So, I did a little research and found out this high kill shelter works with a rescue organization that will drive the pet you agree to adopt, to you (or relatively close).

So in roughly 3 hours I will take a 2 hour drive to meet the driver of one of these vans to bring my new sweet little calicos home. These are kittens that would have otherwise been put to sleep. And no, not humanely, but in a gas chamber... and suffocation is a horrible death. I wanted to get more to adopt out in our area where there aren't kill shelters and there is a higher demand for kittens but my husband would have pitched a fit (he isn't much of a cat person).

The part of this post where procreation comes in is a little preachy. There is a great importance to spay or neuter your pets. If you have a lower income or if you search around your state, you can get your cat altered for as low as $10! Some programs will even do it for free if you're on welfare or are a student, you just have to check. But there is a huge overpopulation of animals and what's done with all these animals that people don't want- they're either euthanized, become feral, are sold for medical research, or sold as snake food. Dogs, unfortunately, are often used for dog fighting in areas all over (it's a big problem in Richmond). So it's greatly important that we control the pet population. Because of the wonders of cat sex (barby penises and all) I'm taking in animals other people threw away because they didn't spay their cat.

I believe this rescue organization will ship pets everywhere in the Northeast, if you're interested to see if they'll transport any of these cats/kittens/dogs/puppies to your area, all you have to do is call or email. A Shelter Friend - they have a fairly long list of adoptable pets, 75% of which will be put to sleep on Tuesday.

Anyway... again, I'm sorry this isn't about sex but since I know a lot of my fellow reviewers love cats just as much as I do (I WILL be a crazy cat lady) I thought maybe there'd be some appreciation found.