I often worry about crossing lines, or even blurring them. I like to keep parts of my life contained and taped off but it's so hard to be a sex writer that's also a parent... and it's hard being a parent that doesn't talk about their child since they maintain a sex blog that covers graphic topics that I wouldn't want my child to hear about or ever be embarrassed about.

I wonder if a lot of other parent/sex bloggers or sex bloggers/private people worry about their anonymity. After all this time (um, how old is this site? 2007?) I still worry that I'm not doing a good enough job of hiding who I am, especially when I talk about offline life- married life, Mom life, work life, everyday life. Yet at the same time, I don't really care about myself, I only care for my husband for my son. The things I talk about are so personal yet I can't be personal? It doesn't seem fair. I feel almost closeted and restricted but I put those restrictions up because I need boundaries, my family needs boundaries.

I know several bloggers have found out who I am, have found my networking site profiles because of links here or there that get put in where they shouldn't- like when Babeland affiliate emails went out as CC instead of BCC and it had my personal (not website email) attached to it along with my real name (along with many other reviewers). I stopped using my personal email address for anything other than family emails or work emails and switched everything to care of @sleepingdreamer.com because of that grave error. All I got? An email that apologized and said to delete the email. An apology wasn't enough, especially when a fellow reviewer tried to add themselves as a friend to a personal profile on a popular networking site. *They had to search profiles via email addresses to find me.*

But I leave traces out there- I post pictures of my face, I talk about my geographical location, I talk about what I drive, I talk about all these little personal facts that if someone who really knew me stumbled across my website they'd know it was me. Yet, I don't care enough to stop talking about these things, these small little details that help make up my identity. And I even felt comfortable enough to post a picture of my son's Halloween costume on twitter (with no real self debate). All these things, if someone tried hard enough, they could find me, they could know who I am beyond my Sleeping Dreamer persona.

Is this a dilemma a lot of us face? Or are reviewers more open about themselves than I imagine them to be? Is it a matter of bravery or just the fact that they aren't ashamed of who they are online? I'm not ashamed of this blog, I live to write out all my thoughts, desires, and pleasures but for the sake of my husband and son, I try to keep who I am off the computer a mystery. I'm doing a terribly sloppy job of it because again, I'm not overly concerned, yet when people become sleuths and Nancy Drew's they can find out anything thanks to search engines like Google. Everything is there at the click of a button.