If I wasn't married I'm pretty sure I'd be a pussy peddler. Not like a truckstop hooker or a street walker, but a legitimate high-class call girl. Of course, that's what I convinced myself after watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

I absolutely LOVED that show. Being the sex fiend I am, instead of being entertained, I was being schooled. I mentally took notes to remember things for later, just in case my marriage "didn't work out". Hell, $600 an hour is enough to encourage me to find reasons for things to not "work out" with my husband. Kidding! Okay, maybe not.

Well, this show WAS based on someone's actual life. Only that someone wanted to remain anonymous... until now. It turns out Belle de Jour is actually Dr. Brooke Magnant, a scientist that specializes in developmental neurotoxicology and cancer epidemiology.

It turns out Brooke turned call girl from 2003 to 2004 while she worked on finishing her degree. I don't blame her! School is fucking expensive. But she had intended on taking her secret to the grave (we can only assume) until her skeezy exbf made a play to tell the tabloids. Following suit after David Letterman told the world he had an affair, Brooke comes out saying she was a hooker. But we're not going to call her a hooker, we're going to call her a sexual entrepreneur. Because that bitch was smart and classy.

There are rumors there will be a season 3 of the show airing on Jan 25, 2010 because Brooke wants Belle to have a happy ending but the first 2 seasons pretty much covered her 14 month stint of being an escort so I wonder, what is left to say? Are they going to talk about the life of the now scientist instead of the then call girl?

SO, are you curious what a former high-class call girl turned scientist looks like?

Is Dr. Brooke Magnant aka Belle what you expected?

And is the name "Belle de Jour" an imaginative enough escort name for a scientist?