So, everyone that reads this blog (I think that's a total of 3 people-- including my husband, and my cat that steps on my computer keyboard and accidentally opens up my bookmarts *or maybe he amuses himself while I'm gone by laughing at my poor spelling and grammar*) knows my little kitty Dottie passed away.

I'm still brokenhearted but things have gotten better. I actually cheered myself up enough to write some reviews. One's been posted and one's awaiting posting. I don't know where my motivation has come from, maybe it's just the fact I was finally alone and given some space.. or maybe the fact it was 3 am and I had nothing better to do. Either way, I got them done but there are still more to be posted.

In fact, in all the chaos of the holidays, the passing of my kitten, the stress of living with a man in the Military, the worries of infertility, the hell of making a Thanksgiving dinner, and the challenges of being a Mom, I haven't had time for my truly epic, awesome LIBERATOR review! Okay, so I may be overreaching but I do have the potential to be a really good reviewer, I just haven't full achieved it yet... or come even close, lol... but a girl can dream!

It feels good to write a review again, especially one I'm proud of. I haven't been proud of myself in months, I've just been living with a cloud over my head. It's so easy to feel bad, it's that good ole Irish depression- we're always bitching about one thing or another. I've been such a turkey lately and I'm sorry if anyone has come to rely on my blog for sex toy reviews and not found any for a while- life happened.

I'm going to ask something from whomever is reading this post and I apologize if you feel cornered or pressured to do something- you don't have to! And this is the last time I'll be asking for anything again, I promise. *And I totally have empty promises FYI*

Dottie was a rescue kitten who was brought to us by the magic of A Shelter Friend - we gave her a chance at life, unfortunately, her quality of life in the high-kill shelter was very poor and there was nothing we could do. But we showed her love, compassion, kindness, and what a family could be like. What I'm asking this holiday season if you're thinking of gifting me, fellow bloggers, loved ones, coworkers- make a donation in their name instead- or gift the kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs of their shelter- whether it's $1 or $100, whatever you can spare will make a difference and allow this organization to continue to save these poor animals from death and give them a new home that will love them and give them a chance.

If you want to do more than donate money to help these wonderful, AMAZING, and courageous individuals that transport and care for these soon to be pets, you can adopt! They rescue animals from high-kill shelters and save them from death. If you open up your heart and home you can make a huge difference for a pet that will end up loving you for its entire lifetime. (They transport throughout the North East.) If you can't adopt you can always foster- and NOT just with this organization but one in your area. You will give animals slated for death a chance by allowing them that extra bit of time to find the perfect family.

So, this holiday season give the gift of life to animals in need. Our society ends up throwing away pets and they are not disposable, these are precious lives that help to enrich ours.

If you are not an animal person, consider giving donations- whether it to be refugee relief funds, the Red Cross, AIDS or Cancer research, etc- it's a gift you give to everyone and it means something amazing to the people your contribution ends up helping!

In exchange, the reviews and HNT's will be coming back. I think it's high time we have some sexy content on here!