Another post, NOT related to sex.

The kittens have arrived!!!

Everything was very hush-hush, meet at a quiet location where no one would see. The van was packed with animals, I'd say at least 40- 2, 3, 4 cats and dogs (but far more dogs people cats aren't often rescued) put into crates together, awaiting their better fate in New England because where they were (North Carolina) they were slated for death.

The smell of poop, pee, and vomit wafted out as the doors were open and the passenger pulled back the sheet, blocking views from other drivers on the road. In front of us were pet carriers on top of pet carriers, all strapped down with bungee cord. Dogs barked and cats mewed, hoping that their ride was finally over. They'd already been driving for several hours but had several more to go until they reached Connecticut.

The passenger climbed into the back and pulled out the kittens. They were 3! Oh no, I didn't calculate this. The first one he pulled out didn't look like our Minnie that we had seen online, she looked like a different one. "This can't be her," so I handed her off to my husband, in the dark he wasn't sure either. Then we saw Teensy, she was so recognizable with her white, orange, and chocolate face. Then the next one came out, it looked closer to Minnie. I told my husband that I was pretty sure it was her. The drivers were in a hurry so we paid our $50 and got back in the jeep to ride the 2 hours home.

When the light in the Jeep flicked on I saw my mistake. The other one was Minnie, the one I grabbed instead was another one that was listed online. Oh no! This little one was meant for someone else and the one we were supposed to receive was off to head further North. I was worried the person she was headed to would be furious they ended up with the wrong kitten and perhaps not even take her!

I road with the kittens in a box on my lap, in the back of the Jeep. They were caked with feces and smelled awful. They threw up, had diarrhea, and required a lot of petting on our way back to Virginia. When we got home we bathed them and cuddled them, these kittens showed a lot more love than I expected of abused shelter cats. They are skinny, so poorly cared for, and the "wrong" kitten has a limp. But I love them already.

We don't know on names. I loved A League of Their Own so I'm thinking maybe Dottie and Kit. The kitten with white is SO playful. She is also very loud and vocal about what she does and does not like. When you pet her she will meow frantically, and rub herself all over your hand and leg. She won't let you stop, she just wants more and more pets. And when she met our male cat, instead of him really hissing (he did at first, then 10 minutes later he wanted to play) she swatted at him, hissed, and growled a very deep gutterul growl. We assume this was because she was protecting her hurt sister. (And our male cat ran away from this alpha female multiple times, he's such a big baby.)

The kitten without white (very peanut butter swirl colors) is absolutely sweet. She loves to be held and will fall asleep at the drop of a hat. She's slept in my arms for about 50% of the time she has been home. But she limps and her run isn't very good at all. The other 50% of the time she has slept. That's all she seems to do. But she loves to sleep in the little cube I picked up for them at Walmart and she loves to sleep in your arms.

I'm not sure about the fate of their brothers and sisters that were left behind at the shelter. They're due to be euthanized on Tuesday (Nov 17) but I don't know if more people have contacted A Shelter Friend, this is the transportation van that brought the kittens to us and brought the rest of the animals up as far as Connecticut. (They may go further.) I hate to think of these precious kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs being put to sleep but this is the way society works. People don't spay and neuter their pets so the pet population grows uncontrollably and we end up disposing of their offspring like trash.

I love that our family has grown and kittens are a great distraction from worrying about not being able to have a baby. They're wonderful already and while I'm nervous of the first vet check-up... worms? fleas? feline leukemia? a broken foot? mites? (These kittens could have anything!) I'm very pleased that I could give these two little ones the gift of life.