The Candy-Stick from Papaya Toys is a large 10" vibrator with a few special features to help it to stand out in the overwhelming vibrator market.

First, it's made out of 100% phthalates-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic, medical grade silicone. Silicone has become one of my favorite materials because not only is it safe (body-safe and safe to share) it also mimics the feel of skin. While the Candy-Stick's particular blend of silicone is a little grittier than other silicone toys I've tried, it offers a pliable texture and nonporous surface.

To perfect this vibrator's lack of porosity, it is also 100% waterproof and fully submersible- this watertight design helps the Candy-Stick to easily become your favorite bathtub toy. Unfortunately, because this vibrator is made out of silicone it's incompatible with silicone lubricants. Water-based lubricants are the only compatible lubricant to use with this toy and when it comes to water play, water-based lubes quickly wash away and prove almost instantly that they're not up to the challenge. So for women who have inadequate natural lubrication, this vibrator may be difficult to use in water.

The Candy-Stick offers not only 6.5" of ribbing but a 5.75" circumference and a 1.75" diameter, creating one very meaty toy. After all these years I've never considered myself a size queen but I do like a thick toy. I don't obsess over humongous dildos and I don't actively seek toys that will stretch me out but I like something that leaves me feeling pleasantly full. This vibrator is one that goes a little beyond filling as it made me feel at times a little too full -- if that's even possible. The Candy-Stick is a big toy and if you don't like big toys, you won't find a match here. To truly appreciate this vibrator you have to appreciate the size because you can't have one without the other.

The Candy-Stick is powered by 2 AA batteries and offers three vibrational patterns accessible via a "bow tie" or "dog bone" shaped control pad.

To turn the vibrator on- simply press the left button once, continue to click the left button to cycle through the patterns.

The first pattern consists of five quick pulses that vary in intensity.

The second pattern offers a continual buzz that is low hum, helping to massage deep into the vaginal tissue.

The third pattern consists of heavy hammering pulses.

The right button shuts the vibrator off which is an impressive feature because for those longing for discretion- you can turn the vibrator immediately off instead of worrying about having to cycle through patterns or being speedy enough to pop the battery cap off.

While there aren't options to increase the speed of the patterns, you are able to increase/decrease the intensities of the vibrations. Simply hold the right button down to decrease the intensity and the left button to increase the intensity.

I found the vibrations a little underwhelming, I love a toy that offers speed and intensity, but using fresh batteries, even the highest level of intensity wasn't enough for me. While the vibrations seem to be centered in the tip of the toy, I found this served inadequately as a clitoral toy and instead, used it purely for penetration. Despite its inability to please me vibration wise, it maintained virtual silence and everyone likes a quiet toy.

The manufacturer totes this vibe's use of batteries as opposed to a charger but I don't find myself singing the same praises. I hate batteries, especially when I think of how many people don't use rechargeable. I'm fairly eco-conscious and I hate excess waste so when I get a toy that includes its own charger I'm thrilled. The fact that I have to keep supplying this toy with my own power is a nuisance but I do understand that battery powered toys are a lot cheaper for both the manufacturer and the consumer... however, "PAPAYA Toys are battery powered. Unlike other high-end toys that need to be recharged before using, you don’t have to wait for Candy Stick to pleasure you. And because there is no charger to fuss with, you can just as easily enjoy Candy Stick when you travel as you do at home." is nothing to brag about and not nearly as positive as Papaya tries to make it sound.

Because this toy is 100% waterproof, it is incredibly easy to clean. Simply wash with soap and water or an antibacterial toy cleaner. Unfortunately, because it contains electronic parts this cannot be boiled.

Overall, the Candy-Stick is a very thick silicone toy that offers minimal vibrations and due to how basic and lackluster the vibrational patterns are, they seem to overshadow the fact it is 100% waterproof and made out of 100% body-safe medical grade silicone. The Candy-Stick is a cumbersome vibrator whose power unfortunately, does not match its size.