I've never been an owner of a lot of pocket rockets, in fact, this was my third... or fourth. I had a bad experience 2 years ago with one that came free with purchase... imagine something cheap, flimsy, and LOUD... oh, and with metal tips that got hot whenever the toy was turned on. After burning my clit with it, I threw it away and swore to never trust these types of vibrators again.

The Iconic Pocket showed up one day and I still have no idea where it came from... okay, that sounds a little creepy- I know it came from Edenfantasys I just don't know when or why. My husband ended up tossing this at me one day during one of our weekends where we decide we're going to rearrange all the furniture. If you've never had one of those weekends I recommend you do because nothing makes me feel more accomplished than moving my couch 3 feet to face a different part of the room.

With simple cardboard packaging this unassuming toy took me completely by surprise and not because it came from the inside of my couch. I constantly tell people (mostly my cat... while I'm typing on my blog... or searching Edenfantasys toy selection) that I'm on a quest to find the perfect clitoral vibrator. The Iconic Pocket is as close as I've gotten. It's surprising that a toy with only one speed could do more for me than dozens of toys with their endless array of vibrational and pulsational patterns, flashing lights, and complicated cords and battery packs. Yet, its one speed is powerful enough to bring me to my knees, and its motor is quiet enough to not distract me from obtaining that often unobtainable goal of getting off.

This is a toy that I've used almost every day for 3 months; every time I masturbate I use it and every time I have sex I ask my husband to go get it (and he will because I'm putting out... he should be grateful he's getting laid with how exhausted I am because of my busy week of going to the post office and window shopping). This is a toy that tirelessly works for me when I'm too tired to do nothing more than lay there and close my eyes.

I've been exhausted lately and I haven't had much time for anything, so to have a toy that I can rely on to get me off and quickly when I really don't have the time to be getting off in the first place, is a blessing. The Iconic Pocket has made my life easy, I don't have to struggle with orgasms that take forever to come (literally) because I know every time I use it I will orgasm and that it will be beyond satisfactory.. most of the time I orgasm with this it's intense and knee weakening. There are still times where I prefer to take my time but I don't have to because within only a few minutes of using this I'm ready to cum.

Thanks to the four plastic nubs on the tip of the toy that are part of the mold, it presents a smooth surface that is also stimulating when I move the toy in an up/down or in a circular motion (as opposed to a pocket rocket that offers metal nubs that either catch pubic hair or gets hot when the toy turns on *cough* like the piece of crap I received free of purchase *cough*)- and thanks to the design, the vibrations focus wherever I touch with the toy and allow for moderate or firm pressure that is never uncomfortable as I'm one of those people that love to grind their toys into their clitorises (that sounds sexy, doesn't it?). This toy includes a clear plastic cap to go over the tip of it when its not in use but I lost mine (it wasn't necessary for me to have anyway since I store my toys in a safe box on my bedside) but I'll probably find it again on one of those furniture rearranging days.

I'm a nonbeliever so if I were reading someone else write this I'd probably be all "oh, what if" or "you're so full of shit" but honestly, this is by far one of the most impressive toys I've tried... and it's a pocket rocket, a basic one speed $32 pocket rocket!!!!!- not something like a $150 technological masterpiece of masturbatory art. (And yea, I'm totally talking about the SaSi... if a toy were ever to crash and burn (figuratively!!! I know it's almost Halloween but I don't need to be going scaring vaginas quite like that)...). This basic vibrator is my best friend in bed and it seems like such an odd coupling- I mean, there should be something far more sophisticated for my picky self, out of all the hundreds of toys I've tried this one is like top 8--- and yeah, just like myspace because you can't have a top 1, a top 8 is rounded, you can include people in there to make them feel good.. even that creepy cousin that you actually really hate but you're afraid they'd come kill you in your sleep since they know where you live because of the whole thing of being related and all. This is a toy that would take the 2nd or 3rd place bumping out that fake profile of Pamela Anderson or Afro Jesus. While this toy should take the number 1 spot (I mean, I can't do that, I have to reserve that for something purely awesome because again, this is just a $32 pocket rocket and surely, there must be something better out there for me... I can't imagine how or what but there has to, else this is the end of my journey and I'm so not ready to stop trying out clitoral toys because it's friggin' awesome trying toys but then again it totally sucks when they fail... but still) I just can't give it the number one spot. So while the Iconic Pocket is awesome I'm still keeping my options open even though using nothing but this toy for the past 3 months has felt like anything but settling.

So cutting through all the bullshit and punctuation, the Iconic Pocket is a toy that opened avenues for me that were barely explored. This one speed pocket is great and I love it. The End.

Need to know facts-----

Being plastic and waterproof, this toy can be washed with soap and water or an antibacterial soap cleaner. It's also phthalates-free, hygienic, body-safe and able to be shared between partners because plastic isn't porous.

It's 4.5" long which means it fits in my hand. It's also fairly lightweight thanks to the fact it only uses 1 AA battery which actually comes included with it.

It has one speed which is controlled via twisting the toy. The great part is I've tried rockets where if you twist them they'll spring open on you, this actually stops at "off" instead of continuing to twist until it pops open.

It's compatible with both water-based and silicone lube and silicone lubricant is brilliant when using this in the bath because it doesn't wash away.

product picture
Pocket rocket by Jimmyjane
Material: Plastic

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