My husband has had the last (almost) 2 weeks off and it ends on Thursday. I have to say, all this time together has been nice... but I'm so ready for him to go back to work so I can get caught up on all my stuff!

We've spent a lot of time shopping, eating out, and going out which feels like an endless vacation. I haven't had to worry about anything and for the past few months all I've done is worry. All the time together has resulted in more sex (we swore not to have it for a while but you try finding something else to do on a rainy day!) and more talking. We're trying to make a plan for the future since we're not the type of people to write out to-do lists or have goals for ourselves. I used to be a goal making person but I kept never meeting my goals and it was constant disappointment, I don't need to be reminded that I tend to fail... a lot.

We've decided we're going to continue to push forward with our infertility. But we have to counter all the baby making sex with fun, inventive, creative, and kinky sex. We've lost us in our sex, there's really no spark there and we need to bring the passion back- else what's the point? We want children to share our lives with and we currently don't even enjoy our lives... so eck. We've also talked about the possibility of adoption; let's face it, 4 years of trying is pretty damn exhausting. But domestic adoption requires a lot and there's a lot of hoops to jump through- international adoption has a lot of paperwork and time waiting but less requirements... however, it can cost anywhere from 10k to 40k through various agencies! Also, with a lot of international adoptions there are a lot of things to consider, especially as many children come with known and unknown disabilities or issues. I love the thought of opening my heart and home to a little boy or girl that has never known what love or a bed is. And I know I don't want a baby, I loved the newborn phase but if we were to follow through with adoption, I'd want a child that isn't as easy to place- everyone loves babies but not everyone loves a child that is passed infancy and the toddler stage. I also got an email from one of my crazy friends who offered to be a surrogate, she's just addicted to getting pregnant and frankly, I don't want my kid coming out of her and craving the Big Macs because she's the type that would get hooked up to an IV filled with fast food if she could. Nice gesture nonetheless, I guess?

I feel so out of touch with the online community and don't even know what's been going on with everyone and everything. I keep telling myself I need to become more active but I gotta get rid of my husband first, I hate writing when he's in the room because he'll always look over my shoulder and most of the time say something like, "I wouldn't put that in there" or "hmm, that's an interesting way to write that". Yea, NOT fun. He's like 6 months behind on his own reviews, ha, and I've just stopped reminding him because he has way too much on his plate to deal with.

Halloween is next week and can we say YAY! My favorite holiday ever because it's the one day a year I can dress like a whore and not get shit for it... no, I just love candy and the idea of sinister things out there and keeping them at bay. My favorite movie ever is The Halloween That Almost Wasn't, I lived that movie as a child and it defined what Halloween was like for us. (If you've never seen it, click the link!) Now, we have to worry about where we take our son trick or treating and what psychos might be out there tampering with candy or if we take him around our neighborhood, what people on the sexual offenders registry might follow us home or try to find out where we live. We decided on the Zoo, members get in fairly quickly at night and how fun is that to be at a Zoo at night! We already did Busch Garden Europe's Howl-o-Scream and wow! serious fun but moreso for teens and adults rather than 5 year old boys.

So anyway, that's my update and I'll also share some kid friendly, "vintage" Halloween classics!

The Halloween That Almost Wasn't
Witch's Night Out
The Worst Witch
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

BTW, if you're searching for something special for your kids- the Goodwill has their own auction page and actually is auctioning off costumes FROM the 80's that includes a really cool JEM one! As far as I can tell, these have never been worn but you can really see the difference of the costumes from then and the costumes our kids buy now! There's also a few things for adults.. anyway, awesome site and they also sell a lot of designer things like Prada, Christian Dior, Fendi, and Burberry items- much better paying $20 for designer frames or sunglasses than $100 for non-brand frames at Lens Crafters! Can't help passing along a good deal when I see one!!