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The Liberator Zeppelin Lounger was perhaps my MOST awaited "sex toy" review... ever! And for good reason, it's flippin' brilliant- without question, this is one piece of bedroom furniture that I never knew I couldn't live without.

Now, even for something as epically wonderful as the Z Lounger, there were complications. Being a woman that isn't very tall or strong, I needed my husband for the set-up because putting this together wasn't something I could do by myself. Surprisingly, I pushed (with my back) the 71 lb box up the stairs without any assistance... granted, it took me a good 20 minutes... but I did it and just couldn't do anymore than that.

Once the box was up the stairs I was exhausted, all my day's energy was spent so I just left the box in the hallway for a few days as I had no energy or desire to deal with what awaited me inside. And as the box was nearly as big as I am, it was an eyesore hard to ignore....

Finally convincing my husband (and him getting tired of knocking into the box in the middle of the night), we set the Z Lounger up together as a couple's task. We went to our spare room and got started on what would be an hour long journey of realizing that we need a bigger house! Much bigger... (you read that, honey?)

Tools needed:
  • Contents of Box which include; Two 16 lb foam blocks, One 25 lb foam block, inner Teflon-coated liner, and outer fabric liner.
  • Scissors or a box cutter.
  • A vacuum.
  • Trash bag to clean up the mess.

We started by vacuuming the floor and laying the inner liner down on the floor.

We then pulled off the tabs from the eco-foam capsule or as we like to call it, "foam block". Once the tabs were pulled off the first one, we placed it inside the liner.

Once inside the liner, we took the plastic bag off. Surprisingly, it was HUGE!!!

We removed the tabs off of two more capsules and placed them inside the liner one at a time.

Here's a good view of the ec0-foam capsules.. aka foam blocks. This eco-foam which is referred to as "a bed of "champagne" (polyurethane) foam" on Liberator's site, is indeed a non-recycled polyurethane foam that has been re-purposed to save from landfill. The foam starts off as small pieces and overtime, expands in size.

Once all blocks are placed inside the liner, it was time to zip it up! Amazingly, once it's all zipped up, the zipper actually breaks off (twists off) to prevent children (or husband's that act like children....) from ever being able to be reopen the liner. This was just amazing for me because there is a TON of foam inside of the liner that I do not want scattered throughout my house.

After it was all zipped up and the plastic bags were strewn throughout the room... and foam was all over the floor... we started to see some semblance of the remarkable looking Z Lounger as pictured on www.Liberator.com.

But before placed the designer cover over the inner liner and aligned their zippers, there was much vacuuming to be done as there was multi-colored foam all over the floor.

The outer cover I chose was a premium fabric in Pebble Yellow (it is much more dull in person than it is picture on Liberator's site) which costs an estimate of $42.40 more than non-premium microfiber fabrics. Compared to other Liberator products I've tried (Such as the Ramp and Wedge) with the microfiber covers, I loved the feel of this premium fabric so much better. It was SO damn soft!

The next step was to lay the outer liner down on the floor and lift the inner liner housing the blocks and place it down into it.

We then worked as a team and held opposite ends, bringing the sides together to be zipped up.

We actually had to unzip the liner and then rezip it because we didn't allign the inner liner and outer liner's zippers.

When we were done, all we wanted to do was fall down on it and go to sleep but sadly, it was a block-y mess! The next step was to wait 24 hours before fluffing our new Z Lounger. To fluff: roll, bounce, and flip your new piece of furniture to help the foam expand.. it can take up to a week for "full foam expansion".

And a week later, this was the glorious piece of furniture we now have and use for everything:

It's changed a bit since then, the zipper is now in the middle as we took a glance over the pictures on the Liberator site and realized their zipper was never showing!

"L" is the first letter of love and also the first letter of Liberator. And I LOVE LIBERATOR!

Now why I love the Zeppelin Lounger more than other Liberator products such as the Ramp and Wedge and Escape is because this is actual furniture. This is something I can curl up and sleep on, I can read a book on, and I can fuck like a rabid animal on... and while I can do that with all my other products, the Lounger is also something I can wash the cover to and cuddle up with my entire family (1 husband, 1 child, and 1 cat) and watch TV on. This is basically an insanely oversized bean bag and it doesn't look like sex furniture. Because of the class of the premium fabric (I love yellow's) it looks very upscale, very funky, and very expensive. This is one thing I wouldn't have to hide when family comes over.. but it's not like I could hide it, it's 6 ft long and heavy as hell!

In the 4 weeks I've had the Lounger, it has become an integral part of my daily life. I never imagined so many uses for one thing. I really want to take this into my living room to replace our love seat with but my husband thinks it's a "hippie" idea and he's also afraid of our cat going to "happy town" on it since he has an affinity for humping all thinks soft... being in the spare room, we can close the door off from children and pets which is especially great if we've just fucked and I don't feel like washing the cover right away.

I've washed the cover 6 or 7 times in the past few weeks and it has held up remarkably well, no change to it's outer or inner texture.

To wash:
  • Remove the cover carefully, without stressing the zipper.
  • Zip up completely and wash in cold water on a delicate cycle.
  • Tumble dry on low heat.
  • No bleach.
  • No iron.
  • Replace promptly by compressing foam while zipping.
  • Teflon-coated (inner) liner should not be removed.
  • Wipe clean with a damp rag.

Now onto the sex because what else would you do with sex furniture?.....

The main feature of the Zeppelin Lounger is that's for making love... having sex... or straight-up fucking. And lawd, it's so very good for all three!

The first time we had sex, the Lounger was still lumpy so I was falling all over the place and we did nothing but sink into the gaps between the partial foam blocks as the foam had just begun to expand and break away from its compressed mold. As time progressed and the foam finally fully expanded, we got more creative and more confident with our positions.

On my back, on my knees, him on his back; with every position, our bodies were cradled and fully supported. This wasn't like fucking on a bed, this was like making love on a cloud.. on a "champagne" filled cloud. His thrusts were fluid and strong and my body felt weightless as I softly and lightly sunk into the material, feeling the Lounger envelop my back and sides.

Each time he'd move my body, the soft fabric would stroke against my skin, sending shocks of electricity throughout my system. Every sex session would end with this insane feeling of sheer bliss and absolute satisfaction. And as the Z Lounger is so comfortable, we weren't afraid to fall asleep afterward. Often, he'd get up to fulfill other duties around the house but I'd stay to cuddle and coo because I had no desire to do anything else.

Smiles all around...

This truly is one piece of Liberator furniture I can't live without. Although it's huge, it serves so many different purposes that its massive size could never be a negative. But also because of how big it is, it fits three of us... and a cat... which is the ultimate positive. I love everything about the Zeppelin Lounger despite the shipping box weighing a total of 71 lbs and being a pain in the ass to drag up the stairs.

In my honest and very humble opinion, this is definitely a Liberator bedroom furniture choice that is worth investing in! And as Liberator says: "Thank you for making love on Liberator", I should be the one thanking everyone at this company... for each and every orgasm I have on top of it!