Well, it looks like I'll be writing a piece once a week for EdenCafe.

Seems my topic of choice is tying in my crazy marriage with my absolutely ridiculous past sexual mishaps. I hope you enjoy it because these are stories I have NEVER told anyone before! Not even my husband... although, I doubt he'd be surprised by half the shit I say and the other half... he'd probably either:

1.) forget I said it.

2.) watch tv instead of listening to me talk about it.

or 3.) wear a hazmat suit when we have sex.

I think I'll take option 3 because then at least I'll know he was paying attention to what I was saying instead of watching college baseball on ESPN.

So check out the first of what I hope to be many: Thank God I'm Married; Losing my Virginity in a Ford Fiesta.

The folks at EF Cafe were ridiculously kind in picking a pic of such a gorgeous bride with all her massive baggage, but at this point in time, I'd rather prefer one of a wife smacking her husband over the head with the tv remote... just saying.