I am fucking SORE!

My husband and I have been having sex (what seems like nonstop) since Tuesday. Today I got up and I just couldn't walk, my legs felt like they would buckle out from under me... and even though I'm sore, I still want sex. I crave sex... I need it. And I feel right that I could quite possibly die if I don't get it. Yes, overly dramatic but it feels so true.

I haven't felt this horny in about a year, the last time was when I ovulated. When ovulation occurs I'm a horndog, I'll sit next to my husband on the couch and let my hand wander up his thigh, or I'll unzip his pants while he's driving and caress his soon to be hard cock. I practically raped him last night, and it's quite a deviant feeling.

I love control, I love power... and I love making my husband do things he doesn't want to. He was so tired and we had already had sex twice but I just couldn't help myself. We had taken a break and watched one of my favorite movies, Chocolat, but the "horny" switch flipped again in my body and I found myself pulling at his clothes, and tugging at his arm as I led him into the bedroom.

I pushed him down on the bed and he was asking me to stop, saying he was tired, ready for bed. But I couldn't help it. My lips and teeth were on his flesh and my fingernails were scratching at his skin. My mouth found its way to his cock and within seconds, it grew hard inside my mouth. I was kissing it, licking it, teasing it... playfully flicking my tongue against the tip. And as he laid back expecting a blow job I threw my leg across his legs and straddled his hips. I plunged his hard cock inside of me and rocked against his body until I made him cum... again... for the 3rd time that night.

I could feel him explode inside of me, his body quiver against mine, and he held his arms tightly against my body pulling my chest down hard against his. We were both panting, and tiny droplets of sweat ran off my forehead and into my hair. I felt alive for the first time in months, I had a pulse and as I lay there thinking of how good he felt inside of me it quickened... and for just an instant, I lost my breath.

.... So this has been my week so far. Not bad... not bad at all.