I will start by saying right now, this is the first 5 star review I've written in a while.. and wow, this little piece of lingerie has earned it.

Of course this is the week the self-timer on my camera fails because this is the week I found something to make me feel so incredibly sexy!!! Usually I fight with lingerie or have "wishes" to improve a particular piece, there were no wishes here... okay, there was one but it was so minor, so minimal... so infinitesimally small that I quickly forgot about it as soon as I walked into the bedroom. No, overall, this was an insanely positive experience that I was so happy to have.

My husband and I really aren't ones for role playing but when I saw the Upstairs Maid costume on Edenfantasys I squealed with delight, and yea, it was one of those girly squeals that I haven't let escape my lips since I was a teenager. I was so excited but I had my doubts- would it look on me as it did on the model? Would the lace be cheap? Would it be itchy?

One of my initial fears came true because yes, it was itchy. The nylon scratched at my skin as I pulled it over my head and fitted it on my waist. The first few seconds of wearing it I wanted to take it off... but then I saw myself in the mirror. I saw before me curves that were glorified, hips that weren't overly accentuated, and an ass that my husband would melt over.

This one piece of lingerie had an impact so huge I stopped picking apart my faults and forgot about my thick middle and saggy breasts. I didn't complain that my love-handles made the fabric poke out but rather fall in love with the flouncy hem working with my figure rather than against. I didn't bitch about the lace wrist adornments making my arms look fat but rather praised them for adding a cutesy erotic story book feel. And the cap on my head, I didn't feel cheesy, I felt like all I needed was a Parisian accent and a feather duster to have my husband down at my feet worshiping me.

This costume had a timeless romance to it, a top that you could only imagine on the front of some Danielle Steel cover, the way the capped sleeves sat upon my upper arms and the v-shaped neckline dipped low to my ribcage; this was timeless... classic. It felt very period and I imagined myself a maid and my husband, the very rich home owner that needed everything put into place. We got messy, we got dirty, and thankfully, the Upstairs Maid is machine washable so it came clean after one load of laundry!

The panties were a little tight but I've encountered this with other Fantasy Lingerie pieces, I prefer wearing my own though because usually underwear bought in a set does not have enough elasticity or it sags in weird places because it isn't the right fit- women are not all one size, we may be a size difference up top than we are down bottom! I wish manufacturers would realize this! The spandex-y middle was forgiving, I can imagine that the Queen Size would liberally fit up to a size 22 in US women's sizing. The fabric allows for different body types to look amazing, it has a cut to it that would really emphasize a figure rather than diminish it. And the hat stayed on, the only time it came off was when my husband tore it off to free my hair underneath.

Care is simple- wash this on cold, hang dry, and do not wring it out. Thankfully, the black did not blend together in the white and they've stayed crisp and bright after going through the washer twice now.

The "maid" is a standard character in role playing but I've bought costumes that made me hesitant and ultimately, not pursue a fantasy- the Upstairs Maid costume on the other hand finally gave me that nudge to go for what I wanted. I had an absolutely amazing experience with this and even though it was itchy, I find it impossible to give this less than 5 stars because the sex... ooh, the sex.... it was a dream!

product picture
$35.99-$47.99Upstairs maid
Costume by Fantasy Lingerie
Material: Mesh / Lace / Microfiber

If the Upstairs Maid isn't what you're looking for, check out Edenfantasys for more costume choices and thousands of sex toys to use as more than just props!