This week I discussed STD's and pregnancy... and man, it has been popular. I didn't expect it to be posted on Thursday so I couldn't respond to each comment as it came individually. That's okay, I'm here now.

It's been a little controversial but that's good. It means that people are actually reading it... or maybe they're just grazing through saying to themselves, "haha, this bitch's husband will cheat on her and give her the AIDS."

That's okay! It's thoughts like these I love. Not so much as how we all have that cynical view that people are bad (I know I do... I can't help but think my neighbor is Satan and wants to do nothing more than devour my soul) but that we can express these thoughts and feel free to do so. I like knowing there is an audience out there, not so much an audience that likes what I have to say but an audience that is actually responding to what I have to say. Mmm, attention, epeen has grown two sizes.

Whenever I write something, I'm there, like- yes, I can back up every word I say. It's what you have to do. So right now and for the last 7 years I can back up that STD's are the least of my concerns. Cancer is number 1, going broke is number 2, and gaining weight is number 3. But isn't number 3 every woman's worst fear?

But anywho... the question of the day is- even if YOU'RE married, do you think that YOU or YOUR spouse will cheat and bring STD's into the relationship? It's not one of my worries so that may make me a little naive but hey, it's okay to be naive... at least in this case.

Enjoy the article or hate it: Thank God I'm Married: The STD Edition