All the Fun Factory products I've had the pleasure to try have been electronic. I know Fun Factory for their powerful motors and innovative designs, never would I have imagined I'd know them for their dildos. Dildos are so basic, yet they're the cornerstone of the sex toy market- I just didn't see Fun Factory as a dildo manufacturer, but here they are with their Marble Magnum Dong sold at TabuToys.

I'm not incredibly impressed and I say that with honesty. I usually have my socks knocked off by their products but this cock left a lot to be desired for solo play.

The 7" shaft was too smooth, I like some friction when I fuck myself- if I used an overabundance of lube this would just slip and slide, never catching on any of the ripples or folds of my vagina. It did not stimulate any of my important bits as it skipped all my sensitive inner ridges that begged to be stroked. It also had a very annoying habit of sliding out, there was nothing for me to grip or squeeze internally, no prominent head, no grooves or bumps in the shaft's surface texture.

While it does have a very large, scooped base that allows the cock to stand up unsupported (you still need to hold onto it so it doesn't fall over) that makes it perfect for those of us who love cowgirl positioning, it just didn't offer anything for solo play.

However, this is actually... surprisingly... amazing for pegging. I have a partner that enjoys anal stimulation/penetration but doesn't particularly like the things going into his ass being too rigid or looking too much like a penis.

  • The blue and white cloudy marble design was nonthreatening.
  • The pliable, flexible, rubbery slick shaft did not hurt him.
  • And the fact it does not have any surface texture meant that with a water-based lubricant application, it glided in and out of his ass easily.

For the first time in a long time he enjoyed a pegging session and at the end wasn't sore or feeling as if he was just penetrated by something that looked too "realistic". This was one of the few times my husband has not complained about getting fucked in the ass. Even though this is fairly thick with a 1.5" width, and while I would not recommend this to beginners of pegging, the slick shaft and the smooth surface help to not make it feel bulky or too large.

As this is a silicone dildo, you can boil it, throw it in the top rack of a dishwasher without soap, or wash it with soap and water or a toy cleaner. You can also share this between partners without condoms as silicone is a nonporous material (however, I recommend boiling it before it's shared). The general rule of thumb with lubricant compatibility is to test a bit of silicone lube on the base of the toy- if the material deteriorates in anyway, stick with water-based lubricant only.

One of the features that drew me to this dildo was the fact it was so whimsical and cute. Normally, I'm not attracted to toys because of how they looked but the colorful exterior was too irresistible to pass up. And YES, this Smurf Penis is pretty. I hate to say I'm one of those shoppers that is driven by their eyes, that will buy something without thinking, but this dildo was one of those split second decisions. Without thinking, the "I want" thought crossed my mind and within a few weeks, a package from TabuToys was sitting on my porch.

While the Fun Factory Marble Magnum Dong was unimpressive for vaginal use, this was one of the best dildos I've ever tried for pegging. The size may be too large for beginners but the fact it offers a smooth surface and pliable shaft, creates a toy that works so very, very well for the ass.