There's really no worse feeling than one of not being in control. Even when I'm the one holding the whip, I should always feel like I'm in full command; so when I feel as if I am powerless, even for a minute... I get worried.

Begging and Pleading.

BDSM tools such as whips have seen little light in our bedroom, and there have been few occasions where we've implemented them into our play. But as time goes on, curiosity piques and even for fairly vanilla couples like my husband and I, we move on to grander and more exquisite forms of sexual and physical torture.

My husband is a strong bodied man who is able to withstand a lot of physical abuse, we'll thank his rigorous military training- but even he has his physical limitations. The Ruff Doggie Styles Serpent’s Tongue Whip, tested his mettle and actually left me (the giver, NOT the receiver) pleading with him if I could stop.

With each resounding crack of the 8" suede stingers against his flesh, he would move farther and farther away from my reach. The farther away he'd move, the more chance I would hit my own ankles or back with the whip, and I can honestly tell you, it fucking stings. While he grunted and laughed a few times to mask the fact it hurt, I knew he was in a serious amount of pain as my ankles were killing me after one or two good misses.

I did not hit that hard- in fact, the more I toyed with the whip and him, the less hard I would propel my body forward when I swung. The red welts on his backside did make a smile creep across my lips but it also scared the shit out of me as I soon realized this whip has the potential to do a lot more than that... it would inevitability draw blood.

Hand-Eye Coordination.

Maybe I need an improvement in my hand-eye coordination, but I found the 3 foot Ruff Doggie Styles Serpent's Tongue Whip to be extremely unwieldy. Every where I had intended for the stingers to land, I'd get him with the knotted end (fall hitch?) instead, and that hurts much harder than the serpent's tongue ever could. It's a hard, braided, leather knot that the serpent's tongue is tied onto and feels like a rock when it comes in contact with bone, fingers, or knuckles.

The whip was lightweight which meant it was easier to throw than most, but even with very controlled and precise swings, it just landed wherever it wanted to. It felt like I was swinging around something with a mind of its own. I hate not feeling like I have full control, and many times, I ended up hitting my husband somewhere I had not intended to.

What I did like was that this has a wrist strap as well as a thick butt knot at the top of the whip and a transition knot before the thong to keep the whip from slipping my hand. It's also extremely attractive with plaited red and black leather. The leather is crisp and hard so the handle did rub my throwing hand a little hard at times as a few of the plaited edges felt rough and unfinished.

Care and Cleaning.

Leather is a very finicky material- It does not like blood as blood causes leather to become stiff and odorous. Leather also does not like other body fluids and it requires being stored somewhere dry with clean air.

To clean blood and fluids out of leather- a 70% solution of alcohol in a spray bottle works to disinfect leather- after, make sure to use a leather conditioner as alcohol and water can dry out leather and cause it to crack or become stiff.

Humidity and direct sunlight are leather's arch nemesis so store this in a dry place, away from light or heat. Placing it in a plastic bag or box can result in mildew, so hang this up some where the air is clean and temperature is controlled instead.

To conclude....

The Ruff Doggie Styles Serpent's Tongue was a pretty whip but I was not able to wield it very well. As this is a more serious whip intended for much rougher play than what I have become accustomed to, I expected something with easier maneuverability for more controlled use resulting in fewer mistakes (like hitting him on the shoulder instead of the ass). I'm going to give myself more time with this before I write it off- but after 3 weeks, I still feel as if this is one whip that cannot be mastered and will never submit to the one holding it.

“Love well, whip well.”
~Benjamin Franklin

product picture
Whip by Ruff doggie styles
Material: Leather