I never think about my avatars, in fact, all I really do is pick the best photo of myself that I can find and go from there. But a talk with Carrie Ann about my pic that I've used on EF since 2007, reminded me of something... that it's not just a picture of my face.

No. It's a picture of my husband and I. Together. Making love about a year into our marriage. Where we were both happy. We still are, sometimes. We've gone through a lot together and the hard times haven't been kind. I think part of us still haven't gotten over a lot of changes we've had to go through and will continue to go through.

But anyway, after a really LONG, hard couple of days and after cropping it so it doesn't show my husband's face (out of respect for him)- here is my very lazy HNT. Cheers! and check out more at Views from the Back Row.