This is a faux vagina.

I received the Nexus Excel from Edenfantasys with the intention to use it with the Nexus iStim (electro-stimulation kit)- nothing more, nothing less. As this is a prostate toy and I seem to lack one those, I cannot elaborate on how well it works at stimulating the male g-spot. However, what I can do is describe how it works in conjunction with Nexus' electro-stimulation kit.

Let's talk History before we get to Anatomy.

With the purchase of just the Nexus istim kit, the only options for women are to have the electropads on the thighs; no clitoral action, no labia action, and certainly no insertable action. With such a limited way of using it, it makes it incredibly underwhelming and nearly not as exciting for women as it is for men (men can use the electropads directly on their penises... lucky bastards).

Nexus also did not design female toys to be used with the Nexus iStim kit (I think they've only ever designed one toy specifically for women at all) so their range is fairly limited in providing toys for women to use alone or in conjunction with the iStim kit. Out of all compatible toys, the Excel seemed the best choice for me to pursue for vaginal penetration as it had one of the thicker circumferences ( 4 1/2").

How it works.

While the shape of the Nexus Excel does not look impressive for vaginal use due to its lack of girth (it is very moderately sized at 1" in diameter), it is still insertable and seems the most viable of options compared to other Nexus toys that are compatible with the iStim unit.

However, as it is a prostate toy, it's flat on both sides as opposed to a circular shape (I assume, to make anal insertion easier or to more effectively stimulate the prostate). The Excel also has a strange design that I had thought would be appropriate for female g-spot stimulation but the toy wasn't curved enough or long enough to reach mine. Due to the obvious lack of a round shape it wasn't incredibly pleasurable when using it as a simple dildo.


The Design of the Nexus toys, where a metal rollerball is intended to protrude against the taint, actually puts it right at the clitoris for women- which really is the best spot. Of course, the metal ball is replaced with the compatible attachment that houses the connecting wire when it's used with the Nexus iStim.

It's quite easy hooking everything up. There are minimal wires involved and the only hassle is cleaning your inner thigh at the application site.


1. Remove the metal ball with the provided tool. I lost the tool and resorted to using a drink stirrer, however, anything can be used.

2. Hook up the wires, threading the golden tipped one through the hole where the metal ball sat.

3. Slide the wire into the slot on the black attachment.

4. Press the attachment down into the hole where the ball was.

5. Place one electropad on the inner thigh to complete the circuit.

6. Insert the toy and go!

With just the electropads on my thighs I experienced jumping nerves and twitching muscles and an overall ho-hum experience. However, the Excel provided vaginal throbs caused by the electrical currents and my clitoris pulsed and engorged with each pattern my husband cycled through on the control box. The toy became more than just something inserted into my vagina, it became an animal; pure, raw excitement trickled throughout the Excel and spilled forth into my entire body.

Feeling the electrical currents surge against my clitoris was one of the most unique experiences I've ever had. As the majority of the pulses happened directly at my clitoris (thanks to the position of the rollerball) it was an incredible build-up to orgasm. Lesser frequencies resulted in clitoral tickles and stronger frequencies became painful currents that rippled throughout the folds of my vagina.

My vagina contracted and released at will, I was completely helpless against the electrical currents, all I could do was hold onto the mattress and pray I wouldn't scream out of sheer pleasure and occasional pain. The Excel was an amazing conductor, I'm still in awe from how something so unassuming as a hard plastic toy could turn into a zap-happy electrical device.

Just the Excel

The Excel, while being awkward and underwhelming for vaginal use, apparently, it works quite well for men. My husband gave it a go sans the iStim and enjoyed it for what it was.

It honed right in on his prostate and while he wasn't able to experience "hands-free orgasm" he did experience something quite good.

Nexus' directions for use:

1. Relax and while relaxing, lube up your anus and the Excel with an ample amount of water or silicone based lubricant. (They recommend to take 10 to 15 minutes to do this.)

2. Slowly insert the Excel with the rollerball positioned underneath the scrotum. Again, relax. And go slow.

3. Once inserted, relax for 10-15 minutes for the anal canal to become adjusted. Try placing your hand on your stomach and breathe deeply, squeezing your butt cheeks together as you inhale. Slowly exhale, allowing your body to.... you guessed it, relax. Repeat up to 50 times, gradually increasing the intensity.

4. Start tilting the pelvic area back and forth allowing the handle of the Excel to transfer pressure to the prostate-perineum area. You can start stroking your penis to help bring you close to orgasm. However, once you feel like you're able to ejaculate, stop stroking and allow the Excel to produce the orgasm- hence "hands-free".

Care and Cleaning for the Excel.

The Excel is made out of a hard plastic that is phthalates-free, hygienic, and nonporous so it can be used without condoms. However, if sharing, it's best to cover the toy with a condom just to be safe from transferring bacteria between partners.

To clean- use soap and water, a toy cleaner, or a blend of water and rubbing alcohol. As it is compatible with silicone lubricant, this can become especially tricky to wash off so simply scrub down the toy with a wet rag a few times before thorough washing to make sure it comes off the slick surface of the Excel.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Overall, the Excel is unimpressive as a dildo for women. However, once it's hooked up to the Nexus iStim and it becomes a completely different toy. It's exciting and electrifying whereas without the electro-stimulation, it's awkward and not suitable for vaginal penetration at all.

My husband's opinion is a high one in regards to prostate stimulation and his thoughts on prostate stimulation combined with the Nexus iStim? Buy them both, together. This is a solid attachment to purchase for your Nexus iStim. (I still wish they had made an attachment for women that is compatible but hey, I got creative with the Excel and it worked out.)

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Prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd
Material: Plastic