I can only go back as far as April but I think there's sufficient data here enough to say that some of the people that read my blog are um, interesting folks. I'm "interesting" too, so it's okay.. we'll be good friends like that.

But here are just some of the search phrases people have used to get to www.sleepingdreamer.com - I have not changed any spellings or string of words, these were how they were typed into engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, AOL, Web Crawler.... and Altavista. Enjoy!

spandex sex - Apparently, there were 5 different searches for this.

spank the monkey -movie -flim -movies -game -games - Yes, they used ALL of the words strung together.

womans guide to masterbation - I'm actually kind of flattered by this one, even though they spelled masturbation wrong.

ilove labia - I do too.

sleping sex- Either they mean schlepping or sleeping. Anywho, there were 2 searches for this.

erotic morning stroll movies- I can't say I've ever seen an erotic movie involving a morning stroll. Have you?

fart sex pussy- I should be flattered, they were really committed to that search because I checked, and this blog isn't anywhere in the first few search pages. Again, 2 searches for that one lead them here.

seven deys of porn- My husband said I should start offering spelling and grammar courses. I know, he's a dick. It's okay if some readers type like Chinese Gold Farmers.

anal beads solar system- Glad there are readers that love a little planetarium action. A total of 2 of them.

sex realx- Frankie said relax, not SleepingDreamer.


"plastic bag" breathplay vibrator

marla clit - Who is Marla?

nude msucle blogger - .........

little sex doll child - this one just makes me sad. Even worse, they used altavista... Who the hell uses altavista anymore? 2000 called, they want their search engine back.

- I do too.

adult nude bdsm vacation anniversary- I haven't been on vacation for a year so this one makes me kind of sad.

figleaf -fig-leaf -a-figleaf -figleaf-of -figleaf-for -figleaf-com -python -gourd - Yea, this one was my favorite for a while, just because they were so committed to the figleaf.

my loved midget pimp porno - my blog is actually the first listed for this keyword search.

sex affair love porno amateur - There were a LOT of love affair variations. A LOT.

monkey sex - I wish I had monkey sex, although, I do have a monkey whom I regularly have sex with. And by monkey I mean husband... jeez, you guys are pervs if you thought I meant an actual monkey. Sorry, I'm not Dane Cook.

how to be web domme - Kind of flattered but my Domme series is not a how to- more of a how don't.

breathplay bagging

girl withsex toy doll - I don't think I've ever posed with my Granny Sex Doll. Maybe I should.

clipped labia - Yea... um.

love affair sex tits

twistmyrubberarm - DA FUCK?

sex toys threw the cervex - Um. Sex toys won't go through your cervix.. unless your cervix is dilated from say, going into labor.

clip my clit - ......

aggressiv lesbian ponyplay - I'm neither agressiv nor a lesbian. I wish I was both.

dildo into cervix - Again, your cervix is safe.

farting porn - Yea, these fart porn fetishists really seem to love me.

pussy smelt - I don't know whether to laugh or be insulted.

www with sex

sex toys that fuck you back - I have yet to find one that does, but I'll let you know when I do.

fucks sex with girth silicone photos pictures

buttplug blogger.com blogurl:http://www.sleepingdreamer.com

gynaecology film erotica - Yeah... my gyno appointments don't involve porn. Sorry.

build a sex toy with a motor - please don't use a chainsaw!

"he doesn't know won't""vibrator" - Yes, they typed all this into a search engine.

newly listed sex toy websites out of jacksonville - Not by Jacksonville, sorry.

"crash pad series" rip - NAUGHTY people, you won't find any DVD rips on this website.

girls farting during sex videos - Another farter.

do I need to wash my sex toys - searched from bing.com and YES, YES YOU DO.

tight corset laces fashion waist excited- another altavista search.

farting porn web sites - yet ANOTHER farter.

Blogger Content Warning orgasm - I actually don't have the blogger warning.

if you use one of your parents sex toys can you get pregnant - My alltime favorite. No, you won't get pregnant if you use one of your parent's sex toys, but you just might get a bacterial infection.

So there you have it, apparently, a lot of people that enjoy farts and farting come to my blog hoping for fart porn. Sorry to disappoint you.

A lot of people also searched for Fun Factory porn and A LOT of LELO porn.. they really want to see girls masturbating with LELO toys... so I might as well do some videos where I fuck them.