Pain is pleasure? In this case, no. Pain is just pain.

I received the Rock Chick as a part of the g-spot project being hosted on Edenfantasys. This certainly wasn't a sex toy I had considered for myself as it had an overwhelming amount of mixed reviews. Some people loved it, some did not. The deciding factor on this love/hate debate- was whether or not it stimulated the g-spot.

In my case, it did and it didn't... and when it did, I would have rathered it not to.

Love/Hate?... or just Hate/Hate?

While the Rock Chick did touch my g-spot a few times, it did little to stimulate it, sensuously stroke it, or bring me to the verge of orgasm. What it did do, was hurt and hurt a lot.

For a toy that costs $65.99 I expected something special. Yes, it's solid, phthalates-free silicone... and yes, it comes with a removable bullet, the RO 80mm... but it fit wrong. It was overall, just wrong.

So, when you say wrong, you mean? ... I mean, WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

The hooked end of the Rock Chick was difficult to insert into my vagina and the top part of the toy that is designated to sit against the clitoris, was too bulky. It didn't fit well as I had to have the toy opened up at an odd, L-shaped angle to sit against my clitoris and g-spot simultaneously. Every time I moved, the toy would either stop sitting flat against my clitoris or the hooked end would rub against the back wall of my vagina instead of the front wall, where my g-spot is located.

The angle also caused the toy to elongate so the entire 6" of the toy would slide inside and hit against my cervix which caused a majority of the pain I had experienced. When the entire insertable length would slide all the way inside, the hooked end would dig into the wall of my vagina which resulted in a very unpleasant sense of friction and caused me to feel as if I had to pee... and not the good kind of peeing sensation women may feel when they're about to squirt. No, the kind where you feel like someone pushes against your bladder really, really hard after you've had one too many Big Gulps- and the kind where you feel like a jackhammer hits against your cervix.

Push the button. Pull the lever. Turn the knob. IE: How my g-spot works.

I need a toy that I can move in and out at a furious pace. I like it hard and I like it fast. The Rock Chick was designed on gentle, (and to me) not so rockin' principals.

After trying the Rock Chick unsuccessfully the first time around I went to the Rock Chick's website to view the Rockin' Moves User Guide Online, as instructed by the box. It really wasn't a user's guide, it didn't show how to insert the toy (which is what I wanted to know since I was certain that this vibrator shouldn't have been so painful) but instead... there was a semi-pornographic movie (you couldn't really see what was going on) that showed a naked model in different positions literally rocking her body with the Rock Chick inserted to a very loud operatic score. The quality of the movie was very low, it had a grainy sort of film cast over it that made it look like my computer screen had been shrink-wrapped or as if I was viewing it on a cable channel that I didn't subscribe to but was sort of picking up, snow included.

So I went back into my bedroom and tried to emulate what I saw. It didn't work for me. Every time I'd thrust my hips forward the hooked end would bump against my cervix as opposed to my g-spot and become increasingly more and more uncomfortable. With each movement, the clitoral part of the toy would not sit directly against my clit resulting in, barely being able to feel the vibrations. While the ribbed underside (the part that sat against my clitoris) would rub up and down against my clit, it wasn't enough stimulation to even bring me close to a clitoral orgasm. And of course, the hooked end certainly wasn't enough to bring me anywhere near to a g-spot orgasm.

Anything positive to say? ... Anything at all?

While this review has an overwhelming sense of honesty, I'd like to inject a little more. Apparently, the pink Rock Chick is the updated version of this vibrator. It features attractive, fancy packaging that is modern and cute. The purple Rock Chick however, seems to be the bastard child of the family as it was given a small, flimsy, throw-away plastic box.

Thankfully, the purple one has been updated with the RO 80mm vibrator but several of my friends state that theirs came with a generic, busted ole bullet. I consider myself lucky because the RO 80 is a nice bullet, the vibrations are mild bordering on barely there, but it's a nice hard plastic bullet that won't fall apart the first time you use it.

The silicone used to make the Rock Chick is also very thick and has a smooth, soft outer texture. However, it's rigid and not very pliable at all. The lack in flexibility prevents the toy from opening up wide enough to work with a lot of women's anatomy. It doesn't allow for the proper movement to position the toy correctly or to insert it comfortably. However, once the bullet is removed, the silicone can be boiled for up to 5 minutes on the stove for 100% sanitation.

Oh, it's waterproof too.

(It shows a lot of resistance to stretch it this wide.)

And the verdict is?

One of the worst toys I've ever tried for g-spot stimulation. I'm sorry. Yes, there are half a dozen reviews singing this toy's praises but it doesn't work with the length of my vaginal canal or the position of my g-spot. Anatomically, the Rock Chick doesn't rock.

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product picture
G-spot and clitoral vibrator by Lover's Choice Inc.
Material: Silicone

Few basics to remember with silicone toys: water-based lube only, store the toy separately, and boil, bleach, or wash it with soap/water or a toy cleaner once removing it's electronic parts.

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