I finally had that heart to heart with my husband. I told him that either he stops doing the shit he's been doing (ignoring me, etc) or I'll be filing for divorce. I gave him 3 months. Did I mean it? Yes and No. I don't see myself filing for divorce within the next few years let alone within the next few months but it was a threat that worked and deep down inside I knew I had to issue it. Playing dirty? A little, perhaps.

But I made him make a promise to me.

Sex every day for the next 30 days.

I got the idea from the Pastor in Florida. He urged his married parishioners to have sex with their spouses every day for 30 days. It was his small effort to combat divorce. Now some of you may ask, a Pastor discussing and urging sex? Too true.

God loves sex, he loves the unity it creates between a husband and wife and the fact a Pastor is saying, "hey folks, you need to get to fucking every day for 30 days because I'm tired of ya'll getting divorced" is a totally Christian way at trying to solve a modern-day problem.

My life needs a little religion and this is definitely a form of selective spirituality that benefits me, I don't have to alter myself or my life in a way that I'm not comfortable with. I'm totally comfortable with this! And my husband? He's made an effort! ... so far. He thinks it's a great idea. This coming from a man that for the past few months hasn't had any time for me, has turned down sex every time I offered it. Now all of a sudden, he's changed his tune and he's singing a song that I gave him the melody to!

I don't know if it was the fear of divorce or the holy inspiration, but he's willing to fuck me every day for 30 days. Most guys would be like, "Holy Shit, you are the greatest woman on Earth" but for those that actually read this blog, you understand he's not your average guy. He's more of your lazy husband that may or may not be cheating on his dearly devoted wife. He's made me an angry bitch and I always say, people would be a lot happier in this world if they got laid more often.... and had more naps.

So we're on Day 2 and I'm excited. I figure I'll cook a meatloaf and then lay in bed hoping he makes good on his promise.