Everyone around here has kids. Their kids with new bikes, clean clothes, mild manners- visionaries of perfection. 2.5 seems to be the standard but these Southern women enjoy getting pregnant.

So what's it like for someone that has one but can't have any more? Ridiculously unsettling, bordering on becoming a social outcast.

See, they often corner you with questions such as, "will you have more?", "why can't you have more?", "what's wrong with you?", "well my doctor says this can happen because it took me a whole month to get pregnant." .. and even the, "are you having, you know, sex?"

And being part of this whole suburban life, you have to sit there and take it. Especially, if you want to keep what remnants of a social life you still have. You however, become the black sheep; the one they pity, feel bad for, or whisper about. You're broken goods, not nearly the quality of suburban mom and wife they want to be seen with. You get asked out less, there are fewer events they want you to attend, and eventually, they only call you when another one of them is out sick or indisposed.

Social gatherings are hard to take, people will watch you from a distance and only say their customary hello's when it's polite to do so, but don't expect anymore. You'll end up standing alone in the corner with your spouse wanting to leave after the first 5 minutes of silence goes by.

You're stuck in limbo- you aren't one of the couples without kids and you aren't one of the couples with a whole brood. You're the parents with one kid and the inability to have more.