Since my fertility appointment my husband has done a 360.

Last night he took me to the planetarium and we saw a laser show set to U2. It was actually really romantic despite our son being there. For a 4 year old that's afraid of 3D movies, he absolutely loved it. Towards the 5th or 6th song he fell asleep so my husband and I just ended up cuddling next to one another as my son slept soundly on my right side. When 'With or Without You Played', my husband held my hand and nuzzled my neck for just a second. It was an absolutely perfect moment, I got a pang I used to get when we were dating. That feeling that this is something special and is heading somewhere really great.

Today he let me sleep in till 10:30 and woke me up with kisses. While I was asleep he also got a good majority of chores done around the house so that I was able to relax when I finally got up... for once. I did make dinner but it was a small sacrifice, plus, he can't make my apricot glazed pork chops as well as I can.

My husband spent about 3 hours today making whoopie pies (with my assistance of course) and it was something we ended up doing as a family as my son's nap lasted for about a 20 minutes. They taste floury and overall, not very good but he's pleased with them and they kept us busy on a stormy day. Plus, it was just one less thing I had to do and my guys are set for treats for the week. I unfortunately, cannot indulge in them as the Gyno upped one of the medications that regulates my blood sugar. I have to cut back big time on carbs and sweets even though I didn't really have the luxury of enjoying them before.

So what's with all the changes? My husband went with me to my fertility appointment. I think hearing a doctor actually say IUI, is the reason behind why we feel like our spirits have been lifted. I feel like a new life has been breathed into me; so refreshed and rejuvenated... I'm actually excited for the future. And I think I might quit my job as a committment to this process. I love it but I don't have enough time here at home and the nurse said my blood pressure was significantly elevated. It's too stressful and right now, having a baby is my number one priority. So quitting my job for kids? You bet. I'm a woman that wants what she wants.

I don't know what I'll do at home, maybe go back to Niteflirt. Although, I just don't feel like I can follow through with my Domme approach, oddly enough... I feel a submissive side starting to come out and I'd really like to explore that. I think it would be good business to discover new parts of myself with fun new clients. I feel like I've been walking with a stick up my ass for a few months now, maybe it will teach me some much needed humility.

Oh, little news here- I managed to hit 100 reviews on Edenfantasys... it only took 2 years. Ha! Read the 100th review here. I'm so behind on other reviews too, I've had 2 Babeland toys sitting on my desk since May just begging to be reviewed. And I've had other reviews too that have been fully completed and saved but waiting on photos to finally go live. All I can say is, I'm incredibly sorry to the companies who've put their faith in me to review these products in a timely manner. They'll be live soon. I'm going to have a summer where I have the time to do everything I want to do so I will definitely make my procrastination up!

But anyway, I just wanted to throw a post up here to remind myself that I'm still alive.