Year one: Dating. Sex three, four, five times a day. Mainly with me on top or missionary. Strong bodies, little sweat. Good, loud, feel great sex that we could repeat over and over. Engaged. Completely in love and enamored with each other.

Year two: Married, pregnant, tired. Sex consists of spooning, can't lay on my stomach, can't lay on my back. Me on top until I got too tired for it. Then tried Doggy style a few times until my stomach got too big. Few times a week up until my third trimester. No sex for weeks, gave him hand jobs, then rolled over and went back to sleep. Slept, A LOT. Couldn't wait any longer, we had sex, it caused me to go into labor.

Year three: Tired, baby screaming, so many household chores. I don't feel sexy, he doesn't feel like having sex. Sex a few times a month. He goes on another deployment, comes back 2 months later. Doggy style, I can feel a little bit more in this position, muscles destroyed from giving birth. Too tired to get on top. Second part of the year, we try for another baby.

Year four: Bodies look better, we've both lost some of the baby weight. Baby becomes a Toddler now, more self-sufficient. Sex is great, few times a week, implementing fun new things, tried anal for the first time with him. Me on top, missionary, doggy style. Life is great. Keep trying for another baby.

Year five: I get sick, something's wrong. Sex is rare but I still want it, just too sick to have it. Tired all the time, hubby is tired from his job. I sleep on the couch most nights because I'm too tired to make it into the bedroom. Gain weight, feel awful about myself. He loses weight, looks so sexy. Try to have sex a few times a month in doggy style because it's the most comfortable position but too much pain and continuous bleeding. Still want a baby but losing faith.

Year six: I feel a little better, he becomes distant. Sex never happens in the first part of the year. He becomes reclusive, I sleep all the time when I'm home. Separate lives, I masturbate less. I gain more weight and feel even worse about my body. Lines of communication open after I accuse him of cheating. Sex starts back up, frequency increases. Spirits lifted. Finally hear some hopeful news and get a doctor to try and help with a baby. Still no baby, but hopeful.