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I've tried my fair share of Nipple Clamps and encountered several manufacturers that failed to impress; The Pink and Black Double-Strand Beaded Nipple Clamps from Tabutoys are proof that Spartacus is the needle in the haystack manufacturer that I've long been looking for.

I already own another pair of Spartacus clamps but they're just a basic tweezer style clamp. While the Pink and Black Double-Strand Clamps are tweezer style like my other pair, they offer something unique- double strands that are lined with at least 150 beads per strand. There is a lot of bead work involved and boy, these are beautiful.

Let's talk specs.

The top beaded strand is 11” long and the lower beaded strand is 14” long.

What this means is that it will fit wide set breasts. I have saggy boobs, it's okay, I can deal with that- pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gravity haven't been kind. I know many plus sized women have trouble with some strand nipple clamps not reaching between each breast or reaching but being too tight (I've been there before!)- the Pink and Black Double-Strand Beaded Nipple Clamps are a saving grace because not only do they reach but they dangle just above my belly button! I don't care if they remind me that my tits hang low because they fit.

Unfortunately, this long length means they'll also get caught on a lot of things- jewelry, zippers, buttons. If you're engaging in foreplay, make sure all clothes are off so there is nothing for either of the strands to catch on. They easily get pulled by fingers and hands but hey, I sometimes find that's sort of the point with clamps.

Each tweezer is 3" long and capped with rubber tips. The tweezers feature an o-ring that moves easily up and down the tweezer shaft to close, release, and adjust the level of tightness. I was able to fit these very snuggly and comfortably against my nipple.

They fact they fit my nipples, which are about the size of nickles, was proof enough that Spartacus clamps are size friendly. For women that have trouble with clamps being too small or not being able to stretch out far enough, again, these will fit.

If Joan Jett wears Nipple Clamps.....

Pink and I have never been the best of friends, however, it keeps finding its way into my toy collection over and over again.

The bead work, while pink, also offers elements of black and clear. For every pink bead there is a black bead on either side of it, helping to quash the overwhelming girlishness that these clamps exude.

The pink is a bright, bold punk rock sort of hot pink, which contrasts well with the black and actually makes these look not only pretty but fairly kick ass. If Joan Jett wears Nipple Clamps, I think she may just wear a pair like this.

In the middle of the bottom strand is a large bead surrounded by a flat, silver flower bead- this is obviously the main ornamentation, it's simple and far from overwhelming- making this a rather great piece of BDSM ware. With the abundance of beads, this little extra bit of flair is just enough to say, "Hey, take a look at me" rather than, "HEY BITCH, LOOK AT ME IN ALL MY TACKY GLORY!"

Overall, I'm really impressed. Not only do the Pink and Black Double-Strand Beaded Nipple Clamps fit and look pretty in the process (though they are a reminder my tits hang low), but they're composed of quality craftsmanship. These certainly are a great addition to my toy box!

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