Fabulous Ginger Lee has partnered with sextoys.com to offer her contest to win $1,000 worth of sex toys! Wow! That's a helluva lot!

1. Remote Control Electrosex Unit with Butterfly - $88.49 Electrosex any and everywhere within 50 feet? That sounds INCREDIBLE.

2. Nexus Excel Male Prostate Stimulator - $73.19 I like to share with my husband and while this would automatically seem like something for him; it's compatible with my iStim unit and one of the thicker Nexus toys making it suitable for vaginal insertion!

3. Ultimate Clit Caresser - Clear Aurora Borealis- $112.99 Absolutely gorgeous clitoral jewelry, I can only imagine what my husband's reaction would be. Maybe it would ignite a spark in him?

4. Intense Set Red Satin w/black details - $49.89 I love open cup bras and I've never been able to find one in my size, this looks absolutely sexy.

5. Nipple Dangles- Clear Aurora Borealis - $94.49 These gorgeous nipple adornments will go along quite nicely with the clit caresser.

6. Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit - $135.99 I can't help but want to learn how to work a stripper pole. Maybe it's this urge to just ooze sex appeal while being able to slide up and down on a big metal shaft. Who knows?

7. Cupping Set with Acu-Points - $75.49 After having seen a fellow blogger experience Cupping I've been insanely jealous and intrigued. What better way to explore this than in the privacy of my own home with this set?

8. Bra Harness - $64.89 Nothing says sexy like an open cup, leather harness. This would be perfect for our pony play!

9. Silicone Pony Butt Plug with Rubber Tail - $51.49 Another fabulous item for Pony Play. It could prove to be a LOT of fun!

10. Eroscillator 2 Plus - $174.19 One of the absolutely best sex toys on the market and I haven't tried it! But boy do I want to!

11. Showgirl Black Sequined Panty and Pasties - $16.89 I'll definitely need something to go with my new Peekaboo Pole, now won't I?

12. Showgirl Red Sequined Panty and Pasties - $16.89 Just as sexy as the black but the red says something along the lines of, "stop what you're doing and look at me!"

13. Happy Penis 1 oz Pina Colada - $5.19 A tasty treat for me and him, maybe I'll start to enjoy giving him head for once!

14. Sex Tarts 12 Assortment Pillow Pack Sampler - $20.19 I heard these are the best sugar free flavored lubes around!

15. Coochy Fragrance Free Shave Creme 8 oz - $17.19 To keep my bikini zone absolutely perfect and smooth this summer!

My grand total? $997.45! Enter this contest before Friday right here.