How did it go? Well. He said IUI. I can't believe it, after 3 years of doctors saying that I wasn't a candidate, this new one (straight off the boat from Russia) said I'm a go.

Of course, it's not 'snap your fingers make magic happen'. It's going to be 3 months of other options before then. He saw my chart, knows I've tried a ridiculous amount of other treatments, but he just wants me to get pregnant in the easiest way possible before we get into the seriously intensive treatment plans. It's all routine, just to make the insurance company happy. And while I'll still have to wait he said there wasn't any sense in making me wait longer than I have to, that I deserve to get pregnant as soon as possible. Wow.

I'm excited, elated.. and just praying that we're here for another 3 months. Orders came out today and hubby gets to pick. I think we may be going West Coast but in my heart, I'm praying a civilian company sees his resume and brings him into the "normal world" so we can stay here.... just a while longer. He's so institutionalized from the military but he's so smart, bordering on brilliant. His social and relationship skills suck but he is an incredibly intelligent man.

So that's all. It's the weekend and I'll actually be spending it at home! I'm going to just chill and enjoy the small success I feel in having a doctor that believes in me and wants to help.