(The Dream Massager G was received as a toy for the g-spot discussion hosted on Edenfantasys.com.)

The focal point of vibrators, for me, has always been the VIBRATIONS. I need deep, thuddy, resonating vibrations else it's all over... no love from me.

The Dream massager G has some of the deepest vibrations I've ever felt. They come from the core and explode to the surface, like a little AA battery-powered Hitachi. It's safe to say, I'm in love.

But no matter how good the vibrations are, they alone cannot carry the toy into the realm of sex toy greatness. No, a toy needs substance, shape, and functionality- all these parts must come together to create a masterpiece.

And I'm pretty sure, this is a Picasso I have on my hands.

When Harry Met Sally, Jack Met Rose, Romeo Met Juliet, Donald Met Ivana... or something like that.

I love this vibrator for it's power. Yes, these vibrations carry throughout the entirety of my vaginal canal and even vibrate down into my ass. I can feel the vibrator through the mattress, yea, that good. The Dream Massage G is to my vagina what the Hitachi is to my clitoris.

I know this vibrator and I will have an epic love story to tell, how good it is to me, and good I am to it- supplying it with freshly recharged batteries every time the power starts to feel as if it's chugging just barely above empty.

But I feel deceived; it's no fault of the Dream Massager's but of its makers, California Exotic. See, they promise on the box: "Whisper Quiet". Blasphemy! This vibrator is loud, it's one of the louder toys I own. But with power like it has and to stay cost effective, I never expected a silent motor, I expected an audible hum bordering on "holy shit, everyone will know what I'm doing."

For those that like to masturbate in silence but still need discretion, the lowest setting is fairly silent but you want massive powah- else, why would you buy this? So crank up the dial on the toy, turn on a fan, turn on the radio, turn on the TV too while you're at it, maybe a blender or fruit juicer, and enjoy!

The Nitty Gritty- is it Pretty.... Good at Massaging the G-spot?

While not quite a dream at g-spot massage, it does stimulate it. The angled tip, weight, and 4" circumference at the start, create a toy that is able to either pinpoint or hit the near vicinity of your g-spot, depending upon your anatomy. Even if the tip does not directly touch your g-spot, the vibrations are enough for proper g-spot stimulation as they carry through the muscles of your vagina.

How'd it work for me? Great. *Insert smiley face here* The toy has varying widths from 4" to 5 1/4" so it's nice and thick. It also only has an insertable length of 5" which is perfect for me as I do not like toys that feel like they plunge so deep they're in my stomach... or throat.

The toy is also solid and weighty. The balled base where the power controls (dial) is perfect for gripping with the palm of your hand so it has the ability to be moved quite fluidly. Speaking of fluids... seeing as it's plastic but has a soft, silky rubber cote finish, only silicone and water-based lubricants are exceptable, no oil based lubes! It's also waterproof- bathing beauties, can I hear a "woot"?

Care and cleaning are simple- wash it with soap and water or a toy cleaner. It's nonporous and pthalates-free, so while it's safe to use without condoms, slip one on if you share this with a partner since it can't be boiled for 100% sterilization.

Who Wrote the Book of Love?

The Dream Massager G did. For $18.99, the deep, thuddy vibrations, the girth, weight, ability to stroke my g-spot and its massive power- this is a vibrator that I wholeheartedly love and will continue to do so until I get bored with it... or find something better. (Yea, I'm a girl, this is how we work.) But until something else comes along, this is a great toy.

If you're looking for a cheap vibrator built well that will massage your g-spot and lead to explosive orgasms, the Dream Massager G is a wonderful, cost effective toy that feels like it should cost a whole lot more.

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product picture
G-spot vibrator by California Exotic
Material: Plastic

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