This was perhaps the most pleasant experience I've ever had with a Tantus product! The Throb (sold at PinkCherry) was a truly awesome sex toy to receive... and a dildo that reminded me why I review sex toys in the first place.

As my unofficial 110th review (as I do have some published on other pages beyond this blog and featured affiliate sites), I decided it was time to go in a different direction. I've tried interesting designs and shapes, and now I was ready to branch out and try creative textures. The Throb immediately caught my eye as it maintained a realistic structure while still pushing the envelope.

I love veiny dicks and this matte, silky smooth silicone dildo fit the mold, literally. The Throb was a little smaller than I had hoped (5 1/2" long with a circumference of 4 1/2") but the prominent veins helped it to feel a bit bigger. I loved the fat helmet (head) because it wasn't pointy like most faux cocks, it was easy to feel and distinguish from the rest of the shaft which is AWESOME if you're someone that loves repeat penetration. One of my favorite things to do is insert the head of a toy, take it out, and do it over and over again- at times, just the head of a toy going in and out feels better than when it's plunging in as deeply as possible!

The Throb has a very wide base which makes it harness compatible. I have a harness, it's a piece of shit harness that I bought on sale but it's held up through the years- and the Throb fits inside the o-ring quite perfectly. My husband was hesitant to allow me to try the Throb on him (he said it was too realistic that it may be weird) but even he couldn't deny the interesting design of this toy. The curve in the shaft helped to stimulate his p-spot (also doing great things for my g-spot) and he thought the veins were pronounced enough to not be too obtrusive or detract away from the penetration possibilities of this dildo.

The texture of the Throb is divine in any orifice as the raised veins can always be felt. I was "desensitized" after childbirth and have never fully recovered so sometimes, it's harder for me to feel the textures of toys than it would be for someone else... the veins of the Throb make this toy one that is highly enjoyable every time. I have yet to have an issue where I wasn't able to benefit from the bumps and grooves of this silky cock.

Unfortunately, this wasn't a dildo that was fully clean after washing by hand. Because it has extreme grooves and crevices, and because I just happen to get so sloppy wet when aroused, fluids always build up on the surface of the dildo. I have had to boil this toy after every use, even scrubbing it in the sink with a sponge was ineffective! However, boiling the Throb is a small price to pay and I actually love the fact it can be boiled; Non-porous, hygienic silicone is superior to nasty jellies or plastics so I'll suffer a little in order to have a toy that endures me through the years.

I absolutely love the Throb and I'm now dying to try his big brother, Goliath! Many thanks to for providing this short, slim dildo for review!

Click photos for full size. Dildo is wet from washing.