Well, EF has figured out my secret! Guess I didn't hide it too well. ;)

I have a major "thing" for Pony Play, it has yet to take over my life but I'm pretty sure when any and all of my kids have flow out of the nest I'll allow it to consume more of my life.

What's up for review? Well, I've already written about the hobbles and the reins. What's next? The bit and the bridle!!! Now, these are description reviews so they're sans personal tidbits but I plan to include as much fun and games in my follow-up reviews as possible.

Want to see the bridle? I was a little broken hearted that it didn't have a plume or ears as I consider myself a Show Pony but nevertheless, it's a very pretty piece to get me started on my Pony Play adventure!

Okay, I went a little overboard with the pics but I love my new bridle! I feel beautiful in it. :)