Oh, LELO... I'm so very disappointed.

I've been a fan of LELO since I first met their Elise vibrator back in 2007. It was my first luxury toy and I had believed it to be the very last. But as time as gone by and I've acquired more expensive and higher quality tastes- I've had the pleasure to sample not only a few more luxury items by wonderful manufacturers, but several LELO toys.

I was amazed with the Elise, blown out of the water with the Gigi, surprised with Bob, and a little underwhelmed with the Nea. However, the Liv never struck me as a toy that was not memorable or special. It was a fairly "ho hum" toy compared to the others... but still, it was a quality toy.

Her faults are few but they're apparent.

Gigi has the same motor as the Liv however, it's designed with a flat head which helps to stimulate the g-spot. The Liv is the same size as the Gigi but doesn't not have the flat head.

Elise has a dual motor and was built fairly thick (1 1/4" diameter) and has a slight curve to stimulate the g-spot deep inside as it has a 5 1/4" insertable length. It offers deep vibrations that can get down into the very muscle. The Liv is the same style as the Elise but it's thinner ( 1 1/8" diameter) and shorter ( 4 1/2" insertable length). The Liv also only offers moderate vibrations that are nothing compared to the Elise's.

She shares some similarities with her sisters.

Despite the major differences between the Liv and other LELO toys, it offers the same pulsation/escalation/and roller coaster wunderkind functions.

LELO toys have always been a cut above the rest when it comes to the programmed modes and the light up LED touch dial in all their vibrators. However, it is easy to accidentally press the wrong button in the heat of the moment and change the speed or pattern. As the dial face is so small on the Liv, at no fault of mine, I switched back and forth between many modes in a whirl of frustrated emotions and stunted sexual pleasure.

While expensive, the Liv offers a 3 3/4" circumference that makes it a perfect first time toy for many women or for women who feel as if they're too tight or vibrators just don't fit... or heaven forbid, hurt. The amazingly silky smooth and uber-soft silicone creates a toy that is phthalates-free and nonporous making it an incredibly hygenic option. The outer texture is amazing to touch with the tips of your fingers and the hard, inner core feels sublime plunging between your wet, aching pussy lips.

She aint no Gigi or Elise but she's still a good girl.

While I'm not as impressed with Liv as I am with other LELO toys, this is still a quality vibrator that offers an amazing array of functions that vary from on/off pulsations to roller coaster patterns. The vibrations are not nearly as powerful enough as I wish them to be, however, they're still great compared to other luxury vibrators. And the fact the Liv is rechargeable, should solidify this toy for anyone looking to purchase a mini vibrator.