I'm addicted to lingerie, I have closets and drawers full of so many pretty things and unsurprisingly, I love jewelry just as much!

I had my nipples pierced years ago, they were my pride and glory but I took them out a few weeks after I got pregnant with my son when my breasts began to grow. I told myself I'd get them repierced but I never did, I also told myself that I'd get my hood and labia pierced but that never happened either. The Labia clip from Edenfantasys was a way for me to enjoy the benefits of pretty genital jewelry without having to worry about the care & cleaning of having an actual piercing.

My eyes sparkled when I first saw the Labia clip. I love gold- this particular gold was actually gold plating over .925k Sterling Silver, it wasn't very yellowy but rather had a paler coloring which made it look classy as opposed to cheap. The ornamentation was very pretty as well. There were three sliding beads on both sides of the clip; the top and the bottom bead were smaller than the one in the middle, they both had an indented feathered design that looked like arrows. The bead in between these feathered beads was larger in size and had a completely smoothed, rounded texture. Danging off of the clip were 1" chains with smooth, large balls on the end.

Despite its very lovely look and exotic appeal, there were many issues.

The shape the clip comes molded in is not one size fits all, you'll have to bend the metal until it's an appropriate shape to grip both your clit and labia minora. The way it comes is much too wide and loose to sit securely against your clitoris. You'll need a very tight fit in order to slide this over your clit and labia so it will not fall off- to do this you need to squeeze and bend the metal until it's thin enough to just barely slide over your clitoris, tugging on your inner lips to pull them through will help to make sure it's fully on.

Unfortunately, the clip will never return to its original "keyhole" position once it has been bent and you'll find yourself bending it over and over to get the correct fit. It is incredibly difficult to not have warped sides where one protrudes more than the other, or sides that are crooked and wobbly looking. A plus however, is that no matter how many times you bend it, the gold plating does not crack or chip off.

After all my attempts of trying to get the proper fit I just couldn't get it right. As soon as I thought I finally had it, I'd try to stand up and move around and it would just fall off. The balls on the end of the clip got in the way several times. First, it's hard to squeeze the clip together for a thin fit because the balls are so big they become obstructions. Secondly, they slide up and down and get in the way, I pinched my clitoris and skin SO many times trying to move them away. I do NOT recommend trying to put this on by yourself without a mirror and even if you do have a mirror, you'll probably still need your partner because two hands just aren't enough!

Another issue is the fact that it is so long. The clip is 3.5" long and with the chain on the end, it puts the total length of the Labia clip at 4.75". Most jewelry I've tried for my genitals has been just for my clit, not for my labia- the clit jewelry was easy, this labia clip was not. With a longer piece of jewelry you need to include more skin so it stays on securely, which requires more time and more patience, both of which I lost EVERY time I've tried to put this on. Also, because of the length, it kept trying to go into my vagina if I slid it down the wrong way. Normally, I wouldn't have an issue because I love penetration but the ends of the clip where the chain connects is extremely hard and pointy, it hurt my sensitive skin every time I accidentally poked myself with it!

When my husband finally had it on I was exhausted and sex was the furthest thing from my mind. But guess what? Because of how long it is, sex was impossible. In order for penetration to occur you need to pull the sides open and back and once that happens, the clip falls completely off. Sex just can't be done with the Labia Clip. Its intent is more for sexy pictures, for exotic dancing (once you have it on securely- you don't want it to fly off and hit a customer in the face!), or if you plan on going to a party where clothes are optional. I know many women that prefer to buy jewelry like this for Hedonism resorts- they'll go swimming, sunbathing, and walk around the hotel with their pretty genital jewelry on. For the price (nearly $70) this is something for an occasion such as that. However, I just can't see buying a piece of jewelry so expensive and so frustrating if it's just you and your dedicated partner because 1.) chances are, they'll be the one putting it on you since it's impossible to put on when you're alone and 2.) they'll probably want to fuck you right afterward and that requires them taking the clip back off.

The Labia Clip was one of the most frustrating products I've ever tried, while it was beautiful and looked extremely exotic, I ended up hating it. I want genital jewelry that I can put on by myself to surprise my husband with, not something that I have to ask for some help with and then watch my husband end up getting just as frustrated with it as I did.

product picture
Clitoral jewelry by Goldart International Inc
Material: Sterling silver

This is not my vagina, it's a fake! lol. I have yet to feel comfortable enough to post a picture of my puss so while I show my tits and ass, that's the one part of me which only my husband's eyes and my gynecologist will ever be unlucky enough to see.

Here is a great tutorial on how to put clitoral jewelry on.