"Female ejaculation is inherently feminine, as well as fun and sexy. The sensation of ejaculating is freeing and erotic. But that's not all. Learning about female ejaculation and the G-spot reclaims a central, but up to now missing, piece of women's sexual anatomy. Female ejaculation is every woman's birthright because all women are born with the anatomical ability to ejaculate."

I've never understood my g-spot. Never. I've been able to cum from hard metal dildos and glass toys but never my fingers or my lover's penis. Touches have never felt good but orgasms have been strong and toe curling.

To make matters worse, I never understood female ejaculation and always thought it was a myth. Mainstream pornography filled me with doubts, visions of shooting ejaculate that clearly came from hoses or from water placed into the vaginal canal did little to help me realize that female ejaculation was something that was real or completely obtainable... by some.

female ejaculation & THE G-SPOT , is a brilliant book that has quieted the doubts I've had. With clear background information and easy how-to tutorials, this has been one of the best pieces of literature I've read on the female body and how to make it do what you want.

A historical background of the female prostate coupled with why it can be confused with urine squashed my initial thoughts of, "it's totally pee". Author, Deborah Sundahl, goes back as far as 1672 to a Dutch anatomist, Regnier de Graaf, crediting him as the first to recognize the prostate as the ejaculatory source in women. She fastforwards to 1948 where gynecologist, Dr. J. W. Huffman, creates a mold of the female prostate from an autopsy of a woman. Noting his discovering of thirty-one ducts that empty into the urethral canal (ejaculate comes from these ducts).

Within the next few pages she discuses what ejaculate is and the g-spot's role in female ejaculation. These chapters are laden with facts and information regarding scientific research done to determine female ejaculate through PSA (prostate specific antigen). The author describes the g-spot, how it works, and what it does.

Even more interesting historical information she presents dates back to 600 B.C. to A.D. 200 - dicussing it's role in reproduction and how it was explored by man classical philopsphoers and physicials from Pythagoras to Hippocrates, from Aristotle to Galen. They all knew it existed and there was no debate then whether or not female ejaculation was real as opposed today with our soceity of shaming sex.

Quoted from Galen, a Greek -born physician known as the "father of medicine",

"The liquid not only stimulates the sexual act but also is able to give pleasure and moisten the passageway it escapes. It manifestly flows from women as they experience the greatest pleasure in coitus, when it is perceptibly shed upon the male pudendum; indeed, such an outflow seems to give a certain pleasure even to eunuchs."
The most desired chapters follow soon after. And you'll find yourself on the "Techniques for Learning to Ejaculate Without an Orgasm", only after you've learned about the female prostate, the g-spot, and the history and science behind female ejaculation.

Within these next few pages you'll learn how to find and how to touch your g-spot to stimulate an internal orgasm. The author describes the changes you'll feel within your body and how the g-spot will become even more pronounced, it's tail end nearly disappearing in the roof of the vagina. She describes the sensations you'll soon feel and reminds you to concentrate on relaxation and to enjoy the moment. Sundahl tells readers to make sure they're ready, at the point of craving an orgasm, to go through a checklist to see if they're ready to finally ejaculate. And when ready to push.

One of the biggest fears many women have about ejaculation is peeing. The author makes sure to describe several times throughout the book it is NOT urine and that you are NOT urinating. This is something incredibly important to remember because if you don't, than you'll probably never ejaculate- you'll hold back instead of pushing forward, all because of a little fear of urine.

Some women, like me, may not be able to ejaculate after having read the female ejaculation & THE G-SPOT, but it takes time. This is for many, not something that will happen overnight. And to make things better, Sundahl, offers chapters on ejaculating with partners so that you can try and share your ejaculation experiences with someone you lust or love. She also covers sexual trauma and emotional blockage, how to get past them, and how to finally be comfortable and secure enough with yourself to orgasm and ejaculate.

The topic of pelvic strength are covered too, which I believe is one of the major issues I have in not being able to ejaculate. For anyone that has had children, experienced stretching, or is overweight , this is chapter that should be read- whether or not you're trying to learn how to ejaculate!

This book is a major resource for women and I truly believe, for anyone interested in the g-spot and female ejaculation, this is a MUST HAVE!

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