The winner of my $20 Gift Card to Babeland was Danae of!

Danae is a gorgeous Coloradan that has been involved in a servant orientated M/S relationship with Michael, her master, for the past 5 years. Her contributions pertaining to the BDSM lifestyle are awe inspiring and absolutely titillating. She has the ability to transport you into her bedroom or her condo (as in her post:Kinky Fun Away) and leave you absolutely breathless. Danae shares her reflects with her readers in memorable sentiments such as, "I like the pain just for the pain". She cares about her readers and constantly answers questions to keep them up to pace with social networking sites like and as a way to help them pursue BDSM relationships by covering topics pertaining to the trials and errors assocated with servitude.

Congrats again to Danae and EVERYONE that participated, I am absolutely thrilled with all the entries received and it makes me wish that everyone could have won!