I have this insatiable need to control men- to use my sexual prowess as a way to defeat and conquer them... this urge has grown so strong lately that I'm desperately considering going back into the lifestyle of Web Domme Extraordinaire.

I miss it, I'd be a liar if I said I didn't. Every night there was the potential to dominate someone new, to convince them that their lives sucked without me in it and that I was the only woman that could make their usually flaccid dick, hard. I craved the constant attention I'd receive and the rewarding of gifts and tributes. Yes, there were something awful times that I have yet to discuss but as of right now, I'm only thriving off the positive memories.

My professional life consumes 85% of my time and the other 15% is spread thin amongst my family, sleep, and the occasional chance to relax. I'd rather devote 10% of my spare time to the random slobs that paid me to talk to them! I miss being adored and I miss the money! I did it for the money, that's how it started, that's how it starts for most every woman that finds herself in this particular brand of online solicitation. Then it festers and blossoms into an addiction, a constant need to be made feeling superior... a feeling of being on a high speed train with the knowledge that it is destined to derail and slam into some ominous mountainside... and I miss it all so fucking bad.