I believe that sex toys are the holy grail in one's quest for pleasure.

Sex doesn't happen as often as I want it too. On Twitter you'll usually catch me bitching about not getting laid.. it's true and I do, often. I want it when I want it and my husband hardly ever wants to accommodate my requests. I don't know why, maybe he really is tired.. but I swear, when a girl wants to fuck you, you jump at the chance.

We've been married for 5 years, out of 4 of those years I've been QQ'ing (crying) over not getting laid enough. Somehow we had sex twice today but the first time wasn't enough... I wanted to go again, he said "no", and the little brat in me fought with him until he gave him. What do I do in those times of troubles when the husband won't give up the goods? I lock myself in the bathroom and screw myself silly with some sexual aid.. some implement of sexual satisfaction.. and the holy grail in one's quest for pleasure.

Sex Toys mean so many different things to me; they encompass a wide array of feelings, actions, fantasies.. and I'm okay to admit that if sex toys ceased to exist, I would too. I wouldn't have a sex life that gives me enough satisfaction to make it through the day without these toys. I could go on for hours so I'll spare you an ode to my vibrator.

The best part of sex toys is that they do so many different things. My husband can't fuck me in my butt and twat at the same time like those double penetration vibrators do.. he can't even vibrate! Plus, if I make funny faces when I cum or heaven forbid I fart or queef or bleed all over the sheets (graphic or not graphic enough) during my time of the month... my vibrator doesn't give a shit! I could poop on a butt plug and it would never pick a fight with me or use that embarrassing moment as ammo against me later. So. Well. Yea.

Alright, off to bed. Tomorrow I get to work crazy hours, huzzah!