I'm already moving up. I went from one position in the hotel to another on Monday. I'm absolutely exhausted.

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. My associate fielded a call from a very angry, snobby secretary who demanded a room key set aside and ready to go for a particular congressman and his female associate that happens to be a news anchor. When my coworker asked if they would be sharing a room the secretary then changed her tune because she realized the cat was out of the bag and demanded two room keys for seperate rooms. She told my coworker they would only need the rooms for two hours and to have the rooms ready immediately. When my coworker tried to tell her that the hotel was currently oversold (overbooked) and wasn't sure if she had two rooms to spare the secretary became irate saying, "do you know who they are?", my coworker then responded, "No, I don't" and I could actually hear the screams coming from the receiver.

We waited. It was mid afternoon, almost time for me to go home and in they stroll with all their people. The congressman's little lackey runs to the desk and grabs the keys and gives them to the congressman and the anchor. I watch as their teams parade to the elevators and disappear within site. The lackey returns about 5 minutes later and asks for somewhere quiet to sit and wait. A key up to the concierge room is made for him and another coworker personally escorts him to the elevators.

If only I were a fly on that wall.... Today is my day off so I'm sure when I go in tomorrow there will be more than enough gossip to go around.