I love lingerie, I think we've all figured that out by now. It's the chance to play dress up, of course, it's a big girl's version of dress up. I get to assume different persona's as I'm infused with the 'sexy' of the chosen lingerie. This time I went for the Pinstripe Chemise and Thong from EdenFantasys. It had a little bit of a gangster vibe and the pinstripes spoke business while the lace on the cups and hem called out saying, "fuck me now".

I'm really impressed. To be honest, I wasn't sure what the quality would be like. When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised by how soft and silky the material was. It's 66% Nylon, 16% polyester, 11% rayon, and 7% polyurethane which translates into a fabric that stretches, drapes, and moves magically. It conformed to the shape of my body but it had so much stretch that I could flex, shimmy, and dance (and yes, I'm a girl that likes to dance in her underpants). As far as fucking goes, I know for a fact this will be suitable for any bedroom activities that occur because it just has so much damn stretch.

As with all lingerie, I had a few issues... though they're all relatively small.

One, the back band where the bra straps are, cut into my skin and left a red mark, it had zero elasticity.

Two, the bra straps barely held up my tits at all but I have heavy breasts and these were small little spaghetti straps- I found that they were too stretchy to do little more than be something to look at.

Three, the cups were spaced too far apart. I don't know what it is, maybe I have an odd shaped body or maybe manufacturer's think plus sized women's breasts extend onto their sides. Either way, my breasts moved every which way and I grew tired of having to pop them back into the cups.

Four, in between the cups is a bow adorned with a plastic diamond that really ruins the sophisticated vibe this particular piece of lingerie has- this is just a personal preference so the complaint really isn't a big one as it does not affect the overall craftsmanship.

The Pinstripe Chemise and thong from Dreamgirl lingerie runs true to size. As you can see in my photos, it hits about mid thigh so it really does cover a bit of leg. The thong is also a comfortable fit. I was shocked as lingerie usually runs about 2 sizes smaller than what it should. I felt good; while the thin material showed some bumps and bulges, it made me feel good and I wasn't constantly focused on every single flaw. The vertical pinstripes are incredibly slimming and I can't help but tote the fact this runs up to a 3x/4x!

Overall, trying it on and walking around the house in it made me feel sexy so I'm excited what my husband's reaction to this particular piece will be. My husband is easy to read as everything is always written on his face, he doesn't hide his cards well and always exposes his hand to me.. and of course, poker is the perfect metaphor for sex. I guess we'll just have to wait until after my 5th wedding anniversary on the 30th to see if I've got a royal flush or not. ;)

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Be sure to check out www.Edenfantasys.com for their full range of lingerie and sex toys!

product picture
Chemise and panty set by DreamGirl
Material: Lace / Nylon