One of the girls I worked with begged me to swap a shift with her after everyone else turned her down, I thought it would be good experience and I like the people that work nights so I was fine with it. My husband drove me as I didn't want to park in a parking garage at 11 at night and I set out as if this was any other workday.

I get a call at the front desk a few hours into my shift and the guest asks if there is a concierge available.. or even a man around who he can talk to. I was a little offended and reluctant to say that there wasn't but I mustered up my feministic strength and asked him if I could help him instead? He pussyfoots around the conversation and asks me if I know of any good gentlemen clubs or escort services. We actually have a page typed up with the best erotic services in the area so I relay a few numbers to him. He hangs up and the rest of the hour plays out quite boring. I told my husband this story and he asked me why the guest wouldn't just use a computer to look it up... we actually charge $9.99 for in room wi-fi and believe it or not, even if a businessman's budget is expendable for hookers, it isn't for internet.

Around 2 am a guest comes nervously walking up to the desk, he makes mindless chatter with me and the other agent. I ask him, "is there anything I can do for you, sir?" He shyly says, "No, No, I'm quite fine." He stares at his watch, pauses for a few moments, and then lets us know to have a key made up to his room and waiting at the desk for his wife Cherise whose flight is coming in late. He then fidgets his way back to the elevator.

A half hour later, a barely dressed woman stumbles into the lobby from the revolving doors. Her makeup is thick and her clothes are incredibly sheer. She comes up to the desk, "My name is Cherise and I need a key to (insert guest name here) room." Normally, we ask for I.D but the guest was right here and telling us to have it made up. As she didn't have an I.D we called the guest back down so he could verify this was 'wife', he was incredibly angry to do so but said he'd be right down. (Now, normally, without picture I.D we'll just call the guest's room and get a verbal okay or allow the person at the desk to talk to the guest on the phone... but my coworker thought that humiliating Mr.So-and-So would help to kill the time a lot faster.) Meanwhile, Cherise tiptoes through the lobby on her 5" stilettos, eventually deciding to lean against one of the large mahogany pillars in the center of the room.

The guest comes back down and exchanges a few words with Cherise, they then walk off to the elevator. Our elevators have reflective surfaces and mirrors in the interior, and before the doors close, the other agent and I see the hooker on her knees and the guest's hands on the back of her head.

Hookers come through the hotel more often than one may think, especially for such an upscale hotel. They are normally dressed in business attire, at least the "classy" ones because they want to blend into their environment. The guest will normally reserve a room anytime between 6 and 10 am and will be checked out before noon. Our rooms are not cheap, they're quite expensive, so the caliber of johns and hos we get would surprise most anyone. Cherise is not a rare exception, we get many cheap, strung out crack head hookers but they're not as common, even if they are 10x more fun.