I can't get the fantasy of my husband being fucked in the ass while he's fucking me, out of my flippin' head. Every time I lay down to masturbate (like today) it's there. The porn I seek out presently is at least 2 bisexual guys with 1 woman. They all have to be into it else it's just two gay dudes fucking each other while a very unsatisfied woman sits there watchin' um because they're completely disinterested in her vajayjay.

The films are so hot. Watching some guy slip his dick into another guy while he's already got his dick buried in some chick's twat is a major turn on... and then I think, what if that was me and my hubs? I can't help but wonder how it would go and how hard my husband would come. Then I get these feelings of- well, shit, what if he enjoys the cock in his ass more than his cock in me? The thought gets pushed aside as I get closer to orgasm and since this is just a completely 'what if' fantasy, they become a lesser part of this fantastical equation.

The thoughts of some random guy eating out my pussy after my husband has come inside me are constant. I visual DH's cum dripping down my lips and a small bit running down my thighs, then some handsome man's mouth coming up to greet this new deposit and swallowing it whole. His lips moving over my labia and clitoris, nibbling, suckling every last drop.

This is a fantasy that I want to come to fruition at least once in my life. When will it ever happen? Probably when my tits sag to my knees... wait, they already do.. but nonetheless, I want to experience sex with 2 men including my husband. Would he ever be receptive to having another guy fuck him in the ass? Definitely not but I can certainly dream.