When the Share from Babeland arrived, it was my opportunity to try pegging for the first time. I thought my husband would be uncomfortable by the idea of it but actually, it was me with the reservations. We tried and we failed but at least we tried, I love that we have the relationship where we can explore different parts of ourselves and our desires.

The Share is a double-ended dildo made by Fun Factory, a manufacturer notorious for their beautiful, silky silicone products- the Share was no exceptional; the silicone was the perfect blend of flexibility and softness, however, the design was its flaw. It was unwieldy and absolutely cumbersome.

The Share from Sleeping Dreamer on Vimeo.

This was incredibly hard to use. The bulbous end was much too large for me. Usually I love big toys but the shape of it coupled with the varying diameters wasn't easy for me to insert. Once we used a ton of water-based lubricant to get me wet (please do not use silicone lubes on silicone toys), my husband helped me insert the Share and I tried my best to be the fucker instead of the fuckee.

It was almost impossible for me to get up off my back and onto my knees with the Share inside of me. I kept feeling like it would slip out even though it didn't, the bulky bean shape inside of my vagina felt odd and made moving around on my knees incredibly awkward. Being our very first time for pegging, positioning his ass and my new cock was difficult. The Share was VERY floppy and since I have a stomach, the 6 1/4" was greatly reduced and not enough to reach him for adequate thrusting.

Obviously, on his knees wasn't going to work so he laid on his stomach and I tried to straddle the back of his thighs but that didn't work either. We tried with me laying on my back and him using our sex stool to straddle me in a sort of cowgirl/boy position that turned out not to be very good either.

I ended up having to take the dildo out of my vagina and use it on him with just my hand which significantly reduced the intimacy. Instead of feeling like we were exploring this new adventure, we felt a little cheated. The romance was gone and any sort of feeling of dominance I was trying to explore was gone. Besides our personal reservations, the Share made it absolutely impossible for us to be closer in that, "I'm the one with the cock now, watch how good I fuck you" sort of way. Hilarity did ensue many times, it's a good thing we have a great sense of humor... but the Share didn't meet our expectations in the least.

The heaviness (it weighs 1.5 lbs) and floppiness, coupled with the bulky bulb for the wearer, and the short length for the receiver made for a mess of a toy that did not work for us; it didn't work for our awkward first time and it didn't work for our awkward body shapes. If we had both been thinner I think it would have been a better first time but due to the extreme flexibility and unstructured design, I still think we would have had a lot of the same problems.

It's made out of 100% medical grade silicone that's phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, and body compatible. It can be boiled, wiped down with a 10% bleach, thrown in the top rack of a dishwasher, or ran under the tap with soap and water. Seeing as it can be fully sterilized, this is a toy that can be used with various partners without the use of condoms, just make sure you boil it between uses.

I wasn't impressed. I love Fun Factory products but the Share had a poor design that didn't work without a harness.. and speaking of harnesses, I couldn't get it to fit in mine! I know a lot of customers have raved about being able to use it in theirs but it just didn't work with the one I had on hand. This was a disappointment and I wish for our first time pegging, it had been with a toy that wasn't the Share.

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The Share can be purchased at www.Babeland.com for $119. Or here for less.