I love all things Liberator, I always have, I always will. Yet, there is always a common theme; Most of their shapes are TOO big! I have trouble storing them and they get in the way or take up needed closet space- and in my house, I can't afford to lose any prime closet real estate.

The Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master from Tabutoys was my solution. It can be inflated for use and deflated for storage, an absolutely brilliant idea!!! Unfortunately, the execution doesn't come as close to perfection as the thought of it does.

I do not have a bike pump or exercise ball pump so I'm stuck blowing up everything myself. This is a huge pain in the ass, especially during the summer when you want to take floats to the pool.. or when your husband asks you to help out with his new blow up doll. The Inflatable Position Master was so very difficult to inflate by mouth, it took me a good 2 hours. I should have waited for my husband to get home (this guy has Iron lungs) but I wanted to surprise him with it.

When I was finally done blowing the damn thing up I toppled on top of it. Thankfully, not only did it hold when my body came crashing down against it, it was comfortable! Full of nothing but air as opposed to foam (as most positional aids are), it surprisingly cradled my back and was quite easy to relax against. It has a weight limit of 300 lbs so I knew that not only would it support me but it would support my husband too!

When my husband finally made it home, I propped it up on the bed and positioned myself on top of it. Because of the smooth surface of the "velvet" exterior, it had a habit of moving around on top of our sheets while I was just squirming on it. I have 400 thread count sheets which happen to be very silky so anyone with the same type of sheets or god forbid, satin, please replace them with something with a grainier feel or don't even bother using this on the bed... the reason I say this is because I fell off the bed while on the Inflatable Position Master!

Falling will occur on raised surfaces as the texture of this positional aid creates a very slick product- this thing will want to slide around! Good thing it has dual handles built onto the sides of it (total of 4) , because when your partner is on it as well, you'll need to be able to get a grip of things. On a carpeted area, we managed to scoot it around quite a bit. I thought with the weight of both of us on it that it would remain somewhat stationary, but as the rhythm and momentum built, the pillow seemed to try to get away from us.

Another disappointment is that the black velvet seems to attract every and any kind of lint which is very difficult to get off. By the end of the night ours was just COVERED in cat hair.

And the biggest disappointment of all? As the night went on it slowly started to deflate. There weren't any pops or holes in the vinyl, it just leaked air due to the pressure of two adults on top of it. It lasted us about an hour but going on the second hour, neither of us had the energy to reflate it.

The vinyl the Positional Master is made out of very thick and sturdy which is great for us because we play rough. If anything were to happen though, it comes with a patch kit. It also includes a satin blindfold which unfortunately, really doesn't do much of anything.

This is a fun product but the fact the surface creates something just too slippery to use on a carpeted area is a big disappointment for me. However, the fact that it can be deflated for storage is ingenious. I wish Liberator made a product as easy to use as the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Positional Master because if they did, I don't think I'd ever be able to find a better positional aid.