So this is my 2nd week on the job... and I have to say, I already have some fucking awesome stories. Unfortunately, I signed a contract that said I wouldn't divulge any information about my guests or my hotel so I'm going to tread carefully.

We had a celebrity. I can't say who but I can say they have a set of pipes, curves to die for, and have been trying to stay out of the public eye lately. They also have a dog that likes to shit on the floor and they left it for the housekeeper to clean up. Yes, we billed them for it along with a $40 charge for porn!!! lol. It's been exciting and the hotel has been buzzing... when this celebrity came they brought other celebrities with them (ones that I am not really that excited over) so it's been pretty crazy.

Some hockey players have been coming in since Monday and the valet and bellmen couldn't be any harder over that fact. I didn't know who they were but they flirted with me and were dumber than shit. Seriously. You want to ask me what a room key is for? For real?

So there are the classic stories going around and it's insanely fascinating hearing about them. The guys that bring their mistresses to live at the hotel with them for a month or two, the hooker stories, the overdose stories, the celebrities, and the deaths. Yes, there have been many deaths at our hotel. Including a guy that od'd with his hooker and was found kneeling up against the bed with nothing but a pair of shoes on and a semi-stiff cock, so that room got a clever little name regarding the fact.

I'll be posting more about this because I'm incredibly amused by it, you may not be, but I am!