Totally Fuckable Tuesday.. is just that. I've never participated but figured what the hell. I saw it first on BeautifulDreamer's blog, then Sienna's, and then Adriana's. If Adriana is getting into the action, it must be good!

My first TFT and so absolutely fitting because well, this is my dream guy.

You might recognize Jeffrey Dean from Grey's Anatomy. He played Izzie's love interest that was dying of a broken heart (literally). And then he did in fact die and I think every housewife in America shed a little tear... not because we felt bad for Izzie losing her true love but because he was just so fucking gorgeous. He eventually came back due to some poorly written scripts as a ghost, at first it pulled at our heartstrings but then Izzie's whiny this and that, blah blah made me actually wish he was dead again so that the memory I once had as him wouldn't be tarnished by this shitty supernatural rewrite.

The movie PS I love you showcased his talents. Not only can this guy look sexy but he can fake an Irish accent, sing and play guitar. Yum. Did he really play that guitar? Who cares! Look at that fucking ass.

His only drawback is that he's a smoker.. but maybe that's what accounts for his husky voice.

He has a smile that could melt the ice caps... and a face that looks like it was literally chiseled by angels. He is rugged, masculine, and could probably throw a few beers back while still looking dashing.

JDM also plays a part on Supernatural as John Winchester, as well as Judah on Weeds, Mary Louise Parker's dead husband (he just happened to be engaged to her in real life... but as fate would have it, they split up...)

He's Romantic, has a sense of humor, and is incredibly sexy... he also happens to look a bit like Javier Bardem but doesn't have that thick Spanish accent, so ya know, conversation would be possible. But who the hell would want to talk to him? I'd have his mouth doing something else...

His next project is Watchmen coming out on the 6th. Apparently, he's a superhero... His character bio page is here in case you'd want to see it for the plot as opposed to the eye candy. ;)

Stolen from his IMDB page: "In his spare time, Morgan enjoys barbecuing on the grill, reading, watching movies and listening to his favorite band, Eagles. The Seattle native also loves to root for his home team, the Seattle Seahawks. He resides in Los Angeles with his dog Bisou Morgan."

He's gorgeous, charismatic, has charm, and deep pools of brown eyes. I would fuck him in a heartbeat, well, make sweet, sweet love that would make cherubs cry and the heavenly choirs sing. I'd probably suck his cock a little too...