I'm in love with SheVibe, their sex toy prices are absolutely phenomenal. I think I dedicated a post entirely to their pricing of the Eleven by Njoy ($179.99)... woot! This week they were kind enough to send me the ilo from SinFive as well as the SinFive Alterno Beads (expect that review tomorrow).

I love the il
o, it is a great luxury vibrator. I know many sex toy snobs that would turn up their noise at the fact it isn't silicone but I'm not one of them. I have absolutely no qualms that this toy is made out of TPE- it's phthalates-free, hygienic, odorless, doesn't attract lint or debris, and it's also water resistant and waterproof! Oh, and before I forget, it's compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants, yay!

What I love most about this vibe is that it's very powerful (very similiar to the power of the Delight by Fun Factory). The ilo packs a punch! The vibrations have the ability to travel throughout the entirety of the shaft and they're easily felt (even on the lowest setting) for users that aren't that sensitive. This is also a relatively quiet vibrator. While the video makes it sound louder than it is, it really isn't all that bad. Once it's inserted vaginally (please do not insert this rectally) it is barely audible.

This has 6 continuous vibration speeds, 2 escalations, and 1 shuffle pattern. You really get a lot for your money! The highest setting is absolutely mind blowing. While internally, I was absolutely in love with the ilo, it wasn't very effective for clitoral stimulation. I just couldn't get off using this on my clit and that's okay, this is a vibrator I'll want to use for penetration only due to its unique 4 leaf clover design.

The design is the focal point of this toy. It was tricky to insert at first because I was too dry but thankfully, it came with 5 sample glass vials of various lubricants. The dips between the ridges act as a channel that amplify the vibrations once the toy is inserted. I love powerful toys and I think if this had been your usual phallic shaped instrument of pleasure it wouldn't have been as sensational.

The downfall of the toy for some (not me), is that the on/off (+ and -) are located on the shaftas opposed to the base. For those that love deep
penetration (the toy is 8.2" long), you'll be denied an inch of its shaft. The buttons can also be tricky to find in the heat of the moment, SinFive totes that they're easy to feel in the dark because they're raised, but on more than one occasion I had to spin the shaft around and feel my way around as if I were trying to read braille.

Overall, I am INCREDIBLY impressed with the ingenuity in the ilo's design, the craftsmanship, the fact it comes with sample lubricant and a storage satchel... and what I'm beyond impressed with, is that this vibrator is powerful while still remaining relatively quiet. This is a must-have for those that take their solo sex seriously.

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