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From the moment I first saw the SaSi on Edenfantasys, I wanted to love her. I wanted this to be THE vibrator, the end all to all others. I had hopes and plans for the SaSi and I; we'd become acquainted with stolen glances and soft caresses and then we'd bond for life through the magic of vibratory pleasure. The SaSi, however, is not the friend I assumed she'd be; she's the fair weather kind and while she has moments where she absolutely shines, she also has moments that make me question my love for her.

The SaSi is not a powerhouse, this is not a vibrator that will have you clinging to the mattress trying to pull the sheets loose. Instead, this is a vibrator that will leave you laying still, trying hard to concentrate on the very light and subtle vibrations. The lackluster vibrations are truly not the focal point of this vibrator- the movements of the undulating ball however, are the prime feature and they're like a dream. If only the ball was a little bigger, moved a little faster, and pressed a little harder - than this would without question, be the perfect toy for me.

SaSi really isn't a toy, it's a sensual intelligence object. It comes with two modes: "Favourites" and "Customise", both which are surprisingly easy to use. Before the SaSi arrived I was overwhelmed, text reviews I had read left me questioning my ability to master this vibrator. However, once I held it in my hands and had thoroughly read the manual, I became quite confident and comfortable with the SaSi's controls.

When staring at the face of the vibrator there are four arrows and a large oval button in the middle.
The top arrow increases the speed of the ball (it can be pressed (quickly) up to 2x to increase speed) and increases the levels of vibrations (it can be pressed (held down) up to 6x to cycle through the vibration settings).

The bottom arrow will decrease both the speed of the ball (by pressing quickly) and the level of vibrations (by holding it firmly down).

The left arrow serves 2 purposes: The first, is to switch to "Favourites" mode when starting the SaSi. The second, is to cycle through previous movements in either the "Favourites" or "Customise" modes.

The right arrow serves 2 purposes as well: The first, is to switch to the "Customise" mode when starting the SaSi. The second, is to skip movements in both the "Favourites" and "Customise" modes.

The middle button is the "Don't Stop" button. This serves several purposes: Simply, hold down this button to turn your SaSi on and off. Also, press this button during the "Customise" mode to prevent the SaSi from switching to another setting.

The "Favourites" mode consists of 5 settings. When you use the SaSi for the first time it's already programmed with 5 settings- however, whenever you use the "Customise" setting and press the "Don't Stop" button on particular movements, it will automatically send those movements to the "Favourites" mode to save for later (this will prevent you the hassle of having to shuffle through the "Customise" movements to find which ones you like.) When you have your favorites saved in the "Favourites" mode, the SaSi is absolutely easy to use. Simply turn it on and enjoy the 5 movements you love the most. To shuffle through movements use your left and right arrows, and your up and down arrows to increase vibrations and the speed of the undulating ball.

The "Customise" mode consists of 12 settings, I checked and rechecked and I'm 99% sure there are 12. When you enter into this mode, the SaSi will automatically shuffle through a new movement every 20 seconds. If you find a movement you really like, simply press the "Don't Stop" button- this will keep that current setting until you press the arrow key for a different movement, this will also update your "Favourites" mode to play that movement the next time you use the SaSi. You can also change the speed of the ball and increase/decrease vibration levels in this mode.

There are 6 different vibration settings. To turn the vibrations on, hold down the up arrow until they start. They vibrations range from continuous buzzes to on/off pulses and rollercoaster escalations.

Besides vibrations, you're also able to increase/decrease the speed of the ball up to twice by pressing the up &down arrows.

The movments of the SaSi are varied.
I watched a video about a week ago that showed the ball moving in a complete circle but from every other review I've read or article written about the SaSi, it is not supposed to do this. Instead, the undulating ball will move in arcs such as "U", "J", and "L" shapes. The ball will also have short, tight movements where it moves quickly back and forth in spurts.

The longer, languid movements truly are the best because not only will the ball roll over your clitoris but it will move to stimulate the areas around it as well. I couldn't help but get incredibly worked up over the larger sweeps of the ball. However, I disliked several movements in the "Customise" mode- mainly those where the ball didn't really move at all and stayed above my clitoris, never getting close to it- unfortunately, repositioning myself various times didn't help.

It was hard for me to get into the right position for every movement, I like to do things my way but this vibrator liked to do things its way. Every time I readjusted myself or moved my legs/bended my knees, the vibrator would slip off my clitoris and I'd have to reposition myself and manipulate the vibrator to hit the right spots all over again. There were two settings in particular that didn't work at all for me- they didn't hit my clit at all and seemed to be made for someone with a much smaller vaginal area. The SaSi can be bulky when moving it around between your lips, and with a few settings, it didn't seem to match my anatomy. My recommendation is to keep repositioning yourself and trying different settings until you find what works for you.

The SaSi has a phthalates-free, hypo-allergenic, silicone cover so silicone lubes are not recommended. In fact, many things are not recommended. Here are a few examples of what Je Joue does not recommend:
"Do NOT use SaSi while bathing or in the shower."

"Do NOT operate or charge SaSi where aerosol products are being used, or where oxygen is being administered."

"NEVER operate SaSi if it or any of its components have been dropped, damaged, exposed to water or are not working in any way (if you encounter any problems, please contact us and return the product for examination and repair)."

"Keep SaSi and the charger cord away from heated surfaces."

"Do NOT drop SaSi. This could cause irreparable damage and may invalidate the warranty."

"Do NOT operate SaSi under a blanket or pillow or other protective layers to prevent the risk of excessive heating and possible fire, electric shock or injury to persons."

"Do NOT massage SaSi on a single area for more than 15 minutes."

Je Joue also does not recommend that you put the SaSi under a running tap as the toy cannot handle pressured water and it will invalidate the warrant. To clean: simply wipe the silicone cover down with a wet wash cloth. I prefer to spray antibacterial toy cleaner on the cloth beforehand. This does not guarantee a complete clean of your toy, the seam in the silicone cover has a tendency to collect fluids and gunk so be sure to use your nails to gently remove any excess grime.

Besides the padded 3-tier box the SaSi comes packaged in, there is also an included drawstring bag for storage, as well as a floppy silicone stand that you can use to display and charge your new toy. If you decide to take your SaSi out of the house in the drawstring bag, you can lock the toy so that it does not turn on inside of a purse or bag. To lock: Press and hold the DOWN arrow, then press the center button for 3 seconds. To unlock: Press and hold the UP arrow, then press the center button for 3 seconds.

The SaSi is not without its flaws- I require power to get off, I do not have a very sensitive clitoris so I had to allow the SaSi a grace period. The first time I used it I was an idiot, I didn't read the instruction manual. I didn't know there were vibrations at all and I laid there until the battery died, in sheer frustration, because I couldn't even come to close to having an orgasm from the movements of the undulating ball. After reading the instructions and gaining a more solid perspective on the toy, I used it again with a new vigor and a deeper appreciation for all its functions and abilities. The second time around it was "easier" to get to the point where I could orgasm but it took me a little over 45 minutes and I had to include a dildo- the stimulated nerve endings from vaginal penetration helped to finally push me over the edge.

It was also difficult to remove the cap covering the jack to charge the toy. I had to use very fine tweezers to open it up- this can be considered a plus though, as it prevents water from seeping inside when you clean the toy, but it was a nuisance for me because I'm afraid one of these days of having to use tweezers I'll end up piercing through the silicone cover completely. The charger also seems to have a tendency to fall out, I have to check the vibrator repeatedly during a charge to make sure the A/C adapter has stayed in place.

The silicone cover of the SaSi has a tendency to attract lint and debris. Every time I take the SaSi out to play with it, whatever threads are on my comforter or sheets will immediately float to the SaSi as if they were magnetized.

While the SaSi lacks power it makes up for this negative with its positive ability to simulate a very tender, gentle tongue. I've never been able to find another toy that offered such varied, unique movements. When I was done with the toy I was absolutely dripping. I was teased for minute after minute and it seemed like the SaSi tried effortlessly to coax an orgasm out of me. This was a nice change of pace from the "mad dash" of getting off with powerful vibrators.

Sometimes, we need to just throw down the toys that take 2 minutes to get off with and opt for a vibrator that offers a sensual massage that makes us feel loved. Your body is your temple so pay homage to it with the SaSi from Edenfantasys, the epitome of self satisfying luxury.

product picture
Clitoral vibrator by Je Joue
Material: Silicone

I'd personally like to thank Edenfantasys for providing me this fabulous toy to review. Please check out their HUGE selection of sex toys!