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The Jasmine is a seriously powerful toy. Compared to other toys I own, it's very similiar in power to my Delight but it's really no where near the Hitachi. If you're looking for something that offers major vrooms with minimial bees, this will suit you quite well.

I want to get the negatives out of the way. Usually, I put them at the end of a review but I want to leave you with a positive impression of the Jasmine. The flaw of the Jasmine's design is that it's bulky, I couldn't get it to sit right between my lips; I had to constantly pull them apart in order to fit the head between them so that this could fully touch my clitoris. No matter how many times I tried, I couldn't get the head to stimulate the exact spots I wanted stimulated, I had to settle. I had really wanted to have the nubs rub against my clitoris but instead, I was really only allowed for the smooth tip to touch my clit and it was incredibly disappointing. The positive, however, is that it was extremely powerful... so while it didn't touch my clit the way I wanted it to, I was still able to get off.

The Jasmine takes twelve hours to charge- twelve! I am an incredibly patient person but I will admit, having to wait nearly a half a day to use a toy is disappointing. Unfortunately, it will only hold a charge for roughly two hours. I'm someone who loves slow masturbation and sex sessions, I had the Jasmine die on me on my second day of using it when I was VERY close to cumming. To be so close to an orgasm and then having to resort to manual stimulation can be absolutely heartbreaking.

The great thing with the 6.5" length and ergonomic curve, is that this vibrator is great to use during sex. I tried both missionary and doggy style and I really enjoyed this in both. I've been on my quest for the perfect clitoral vibrator for well over 2 years now and while the Jasmine wasn't the one, it was closer than I've come with other toys. Having a toy that's easy to use during sex and doesn't get in the way is a big deal, you want something that aids in the process instead of taking it away from it- the Jasmine received major brownie points for it's ability to be a help instead of a hinder.

To turn the Jasmine on, simply press the power button twice. To increase the levels of intensity on each mode, simply press the + button and to decrease, press the - button. To shuffle through the modes, press the power button once.

This vibrator offers three modes, each with three levels of intensity. The first mode is a continuous buzzing, I love really deep, throaty vibrations but the Jasmine instead, offered high whine vibrations. The second mode offered on/off pulsing in three different speeds. And the third mode offered three completely different patterns in three graduating levels of intensity. I think of the third mode as a "sample" setting; the first intensity level reminds me of a musical scale starting from low to high, the second is a musical scale starting from low up to high and then back to low, and the third is on/off buzzing with random pauses.

The interesting thing about the Jasmine is that it's made with phthates-free plastic and anti-bacterial rubber. During manufacturing, the rubber was "infused with antibacterial agents". "The antibacterial system incorporates some of the latest technology used in medical research to provide long-term protection." As rubber is still a porous material, my recommendation is to not share this between partners. If in fact, you would like to share this with a partner- slip a latex glove over the head of the toy. To clean: simply wipe the exterior down with a wet cloth or spray the head of the vibrator with antibacterial toy cleaner- do not submerse the Jasmine in water nor allow water to seep into the jack.

As with all premium Emotional Bliss vibrators, this comes with a charger and international converters. Unfortunately, this is the second Emotional Bliss product I've received that did NOT include interchangeable plugs. This also comes with two sample bottles of lubricant, both silicone and water-based. The lubricants only have a shelf life of 6 months so they may or may not be good when you receive your toy depending on how long it sat in the warehouse before it shipped to you.

Overall, I'm impressed with the power of the Jasmine but I'm disappointed with the bulky design of the head. This is a mediocre clitoral toy that at rare moments, has proven to be amazing. I can't quite make up my mind, it's not my idea of the perfect clitoral vibrator but I suppose, it's closer than I've ever come before.

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Clitoral vibrator by Emotional Bliss
Material: Rubber / Plastic